Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ramble On -- June 8

you can't always get what you want-- the rolling stones
 Every since I read Keith Richards' book, I have been slightly obsessed with The Stones. I heard this song on my way to work, and it has been stuck in my head all day. Take a listen for your dose of one of the classics.  

take it on the run-- reo speedwagon
 I also heard this song on my way to work (it was a surprisingly good morning for radio in the G6 this morning). I turned it up real loud, rolled my windows down, and confused all those in hearing range-"why is that young girl listening to that song??" Well, the answer is simple: it's 'cause it's awesome. Don't even try and argue with me. If you've heard it, then you know it is a catchy song that you can't help but like. You may be too embarrassed to admit it, but you love the REO Speedwagon, too!  

ghosts of days gone by-- alter bridge

I have always had major respect for Alter Bridge, ever since Myles Kennedy grabbed the mic and belted out that song in the movie "Rock Star". (Ok, that's actually untrue. I really was a fan of AB long before I even knew that was Myles in the movie, but the other statement sounds much more intense, so I'm gonna go with it.) "Ghosts of Days Gone By" is the latest single off ABIII, and is quite honestly one of Alter Bridge's best songs they have ever put out. It combines all the elements that make the band such a staple of modern rock. The mind-blowing vocal talents of Kennedy are showcased, the amazing and under-rated guitaring (yes, i did in fact make that word up) of Mark Tremonti, and the deep and meaningful lyrics that are to be expected from the band. It's a really great song, and in addition to "Isolation", it has convinced me to go out and buy ABIII.      

 astounded-- tantric

On Sunday night Tantric will be playing a show super-close to my hometown, and after they thoroughly impressed me at their show in Lexington a few months back (i blogged about it. if you haven't read it, seriously do. short summary: first tour bus experience, great band, great show. it's an entertaining read to say the least.) Anyway, this is just one song from the really solid Tantric that is also a great buy.

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