Thursday, September 12, 2013

Enough with the Grandma Boobies. Enough.

Friday, September 6
Southgate House Revival
Newport, Kentucky

Downgrade from a bus to a Sprinter. At least I had plenty of room for activities.
Candy was here. Or there. However you phrase it.

Love the Southgate House.
 Talking to drunk people is a lot like talking to infants...#merchgirlprobs
Pizza, delivered to the merch table. A-freakin-Men.

 I love Southgate House. I love Fifth on the Floor. I love Shooter Jennings and the GFY'S. But more than that I love doing shows in Kentucky and supporting Kentucky made beverages.

I love Justin Wells. Even when he puts his finger up my nose.

Bless it's sweet little drunk heart.

We take the best purposefully bad pictures. 


I love gas station bathrooms with fake flora. 
Saturday, September 7
Chick Ridge Bike Rally 
Hardinsburg, Kentucky
Officially the most redneck event I've ever attended, and I'm from Tompkinsville — at Chick Ridge Biker Rally.

Every time I look up from my merch table, the first thing i see is a woman in a bikini. A big old fat woman in a bikini.

At this point, I quit taking pictures because all I saw was terrible, terrible sin. It was the closest I have ever came to quitting my job and walking home. Plus I had to pee and wanted to puke and missed boy way big bad. Life was far from good. So I tweeted.

When I look the other direction, I see a man on stage who's full frontal junk i just saw peeing by the trailer.

45+ dance contest. Grandma boobies. Horrible grandma boobies dragging the ground. I. Want. To. Die.

Your name is Christmas?!

found a biker husband. He gave me moonshine. His name is Torch. We're in love #needtoborrowthosechaps

Harleys and Muddy Roots

My next round of adventures, this time to Wisconsin and then back to Tennessee. Biker rallys and dirty festivals. 

And then I almost cried. Because I'm leaving for 4 days. FOUR. What the hell has this boy done to me?! 

Thursday, August 29
Majestic Theatre
Madison, Wisconsin

one of my favorite parts of the day is right before load in, when the venue is silent and empty.

My new favorite "don't wear around mama" shirt. You need one too. Let me sell it to you.

In the hotel room. Only decaf coffee. What in the name of all that is holy.

pink pants. pink hair.
Shooter and Uncle Lucius

I miss my GFYs band boys, but I'm really excited to do a few shows again with Uncle Lucius and crew.
Uncle Lucius, opening the show and then backing Shooter

Also excited about this business. The Other Life movie on VHS. Come buy this coolness from me
Friday, August 30
Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Love, love, love this shirt!

Capitol Building

Get in my belly.

After a big ol' cup of this I decided to fly to Milwaukee with my coffee wings

Just realized the only thing I've eaten since I've been in Wisconsin is cheese...

 Apparently Dave grohl was in this very dressing room last night. I think I'm gonna lick the couch.
Gin Blossoms

ZZ Ward. Holy crap- she was amazinggggg!

My boot.

More lighthouses!! And sailboats!

Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights.

 Love when bands pray before they go on stage. Much more respect for Dierks and crew now
Backstage for Dierks!

Shooter and Uncle Lucius

Gaslight Anthem!!

 So if you can't tell already, this was a huge festival with 4 stages and lots of bands.They had a merch seller, so I just stage hopped like an independent lady does.

Front row, against the rail for Gaslight Anthem. Its weird how you can forget you love music and then fall in love with it all over again. I remember exactly why I've always wanted to be a gypsy...just when I thought I was ready to be a grown up



Gaslight. Their drummer was precious. We were in the elevator together at the hotel . I spoke not a work to him because he was terrifyingly beautiful.

Sublime with Rome.



Fanciest hotel I've ever stayed in. It had a phone by the toilet. Thank goodness.

Princess bed for Princess Kelli.

Mini bars....expensive ways to keep me from eating. I really wanted that snickers, but not $5 bad.

Saturday, August 31
Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The show was on the stage by the Harley Museum. Much less exciting than it sounds.

Boot tan lines. Awesome.

Our hotel from last night was called the Pfister. I'm having a hard time being adult about this.

Motor cycle. Uncle Lucius. Fun times

Outside our dressing room window. Priceless.

Best part of my day so far

All artsy and stuff.

Merch friends! The best friends.
 Getting ready for sound check at the Harley Davidson Museum. I feel like an honorary biker from all the rallies we've done- Sturgis and the Harley 110th celebration? Get me some chaps, I'm one of y'all now.
Not a terrible view.

I wanted to take fun pics with this lion, but alas, I was alone and it would have just been weird to do alone.

Gorgeous hotel Pfister.

I almost died in earlier when i locked myself in the back and was 100% certain i was going to have a heat stroke before anyone found me
I drank 95 of these. I may die, but I'll die real pumped up.
 No sleep tonight. Won't nap til after Muddy Roots. This day will likely kill me

Sunday, August 31
Muddy Roots
Cookeville, Tennessee

Oh what skanktatude.

Sittin on a ladder, sellin merchy merch.

Yay for reuniting with pretty friends!
 It's like a giant family reunion of all my favorites from this awesome music scene. Wish we could have been here longer! But now, home. Ive got someone I need to see.

Watching the Other Life.
Shooter and the GFY's, reunited.

I love gas station bathrooms.
 If I choose you over sleep, you're pretty dang special. Delaying going to bed 4 a couple more hours was 100% #worthit #swoon #lostcause #❤