Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ramble On--I don't like girls.

"You don't like girls very much, do you?"

This was asked of me not once but on two separate occasions recently and led me to the realization that I, in fact, do not really like other females.

And not just in the relationship way (real talk: there is no chance I'm ever gonna switch teams in the night. I like beards and manly man-ness way too much...though I suppose girls could possibly be manly as well, but the thought of beardly ladies still just doesn't do it for me. Chances of me going all Katy Perry and proclaiming to the world that I kissed a girl and I liked it ain't happenin.)

In general everyday occasions, given the choice of girl time or hanging out with my guy friends, I'd almost always choose the guy route. Being gossipy, dramatic and all around girlyfied just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe that explains why I spend a good chunk of my time locked up in a van with four guys. I don't necessarily care about most of the man things they talk about. Video games, action movies, general masculine conversation, (because I seriously think they sometimes forget I'm even here in my back bench cave) none of it phases me. It's just more comfortable, more laid back, and easier -- though it may not smell as well as a van full of girls.

Don't get me wrong, I love my girl friends. They mean the world to me and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I'd be lost without the validation I get via group message from my Team Forever Alone. It's just easier, though, to be an offensive, unladylike smartass with no fear of taking what I say too far. Sometimes this sense of humor I'm working with can be a bit much for my good hearted lady friends.

So I guess it makes sense that I usually don't dig music with girl singers. It's rare, especially in rock music, to find a female singer that can not only sing well but additionally sings lyrics that arent straight up stupid and unrelatable. I don't care how gorgeous your hair is, how toned your legs are or how big your boobs may be (well other than being extremely jealous, especially that last one). All I care about is the sound of your voice and how much of a badass you are as a vocalist, front lady and songwriter.

Surprisingly, the last few weeks I've stumbled across a few women who excel at all those things. In fact, these girls impress me so much that I might actually be convinced to become a lady-part-loving groupie for the bands.

The Pretty Reckless--Kill Me

Taylor Momsen may have been a Gossip Girl, but chick has real talent. Her bluesy, raspy voice is painfully gorgeous and I could listen to it all day.

In This Moment--Blood

Maria Brink is a badass, plain and simple. I haven't heard a song with a female singer that rocks as much as this one by In This Moment. It's heavy but not so much that it's overwhelming and unlistenable.

Alabama Shakes--Be Mine

This woman is so impressive to me. Brittany Howard's voice has so much soul that it's almost impossible not to feel what she's singing. I adore this Alabama Shakes song, and it's probably my favorite from their new album.

**This is my first post done strictly on my phone, so if things are a little weird I apologize! I'm on the road with the band for a couple of weeks without computer access but still want to post regularly, so this is my best way to still get at ya. The blogger app kinda sucks though so please bear with me as I get used to it!**

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