Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ramble On--Songs About Rain

As I lie in my bed and listen to the rain bouncing off of the roof, I can't sleep. Too many thoughts in my head about what the future holds, too many don't forgets and what ifs. So I turn to music to lull me to sleep. If you're restless tonight, too, push play and close your eyes. Maybe we'll meet in our dreams.

Ron Pope-- A Drop in the Ocean

"I don't want to waste the weekend, If you don't love me, pretend."

This song. Simply beautiful. So much emotion.


"A thousand times before, I've wondered if there's something more"

(I really hope some of my FOTF boys see this one--finally I get to make my Creed joke! Haha. But seriously, I'm so proud of y'all. May the power of Creed's past take you far 😉)

This may be my favorite Creed song. Love the lyrics. And, of course, Mark Tremonti.

James Blunt--Tears and Rain

Dorian Gray reference. Enough to impress me. Plus, it's a really good song. I'm not the biggest James Blunt fan, but I really enjoy this song.

Jon Heintz-- Rain

I'd never heard of Jon Heintz until i found this song, but it mesmerized me. It is so sad, but there is a melancholy beauty to it that's inescapable.

Led Zeppelin--The Rain Song

Jimmy Page. Robert Plant. A damn orchestra. If this doesn't sadly serenade you off to sleep, it may be time to hit the Niquil.

Eurythmics -- Here Comes the Rain Again

Saw this song as I was searching for songs about rain and though it doesn't really fit the stripped down, slow sad song theme, I had to include, basically just because it made me remember the fabulous (sarcasm) documentary I watched on Dave Stewart.

The Who--Reign O'er Me

I had to throw this one in here too. Obviously, it's a different kind of rain in the title, but it's still probably my favorite Who song and has been stuck in my head for days.

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