Friday, January 18, 2013

tour blog 5

This year started out in a whirlwind, with my longest tour yet to the farthest away towns. It was definitely the best leg of my travels thus far. Totally worth all the madness.  

 part 1

January 1
Southgate House Revival
Newport, Kentucky

Gatlinburg. Tompkinsville. Lexington. Newport. Buffalo, new york. All in two days. This year already: thumbs up.

Maybe the coolest stage I've ever seen (Dallas Moore band on the stage. Pa-pow!)

Well hell. Look who's all official with her very own key to the van!

January 2
Sportsman Tavern
Buffalo, New York

Pennsylvania welcomes me. Wish I could capture all these signs.

First view of Buffalo
When in New York, one must eat pizza. (FYI, best pizza I've EVER eaten!) 

When people ask me to sign their shirts along with the rest of the band I really wanna refuse. Like seriously, I just ruined your new shirt.

Oh hey guys, look, you're on the tv screen above you.

The ceiling of a bar bathroom in Buffalo. I seriously question my bathroom picture addiction.

Look at all the snow!! I wanted to run out there and make "angels in the snow." (Get it FOTF fans?? You guys get it?!)

Just ate Buffalo wings in Buffalo- Check that off the list.

January 3
Abilene Bar & Lounge
Rochester, New York

Merch lady is gonna freeze to death before this tour is over

Ingenuity: making your merch table out of your merch tubs. Yup, I go to college.

So. Much. Snow. I love it!! Also, a very cool bar with an Irish bartender I would have married in half a heartbeat.

My first attempt at playing darts. Guess what? I sucked and team "Kelmy" lost. My bad yo.

Two very large humans. And another guy.
January 4
The Barn
Pawlet, Vermont

I'm very a.d.d. with my Vera. I need to pic a pattern and stick to it!

My first time in Vermont! Somebody get me some maple syrup
 (FYI- I did not get said syrup. Disappointment.)

So I started googling "What is (state) known for?" for every state we were in. Vermont apparently is the only state with a capital that has no McDonalds. Knowledge bomb, dropped.

The Barn. Aka a restaurant in the middle of absolute nowhere. Aka no cell phone service. AT ALL.
Cute little piece of wood in the window of the venue.

Not sure if you can make it out, but that is a dancing granny. They were abound that night. 

January 5
Springfield, Massachusetts

Biscuit and her tires betrayed us. Which meant so much fun time chilling in Pepboys. Rockstar.

Our money goes towards van tires. Yours can too. Get FOTF merch at !

I have the strongest urge to find some hot wheels and drive all up on this rug--Pepboys lobby.

These chicas somehow knew I needed some company and cheering up and facetimed me!

They absolutely made my day. Love my girls!!

Give me crayons and a paper placemat and coloring shall happen.

Adult sized, to compliment my adult-sized lime addiction. I love limes!

January 6
Roundout Music Lounge
Kingston, New York

Back to NY! Yay!!
 Lunch stop in Chatham, NY. AKA, the cutest city in the country!
Sunday morning. In another city, in another bar. #Tourlife

My Google history. Words to ariel song? Why?? I do not know. The rest of these I stand behind, embarrassing as they may be.

Merch girl/photographer/band mama when need be.

I'm going to build my winter home in Chatham, New York.

Precious door.

I wonder if I'm included in this? (I hope not, I actually hate being called Kell)

No editing at all. Love this pic.

Hudson River

Merch tub, guitar cases...and a glass of sangria? Classing it up. @ Rondout Music Lounge

Sunday night view from the merch table

Bryan Adams sing along/dance with in the middle of load out in the road in Kingston, ny. This, my friends, is the life.
...and then I learned what. 'Going ham' went in a bar in NY. Followed by the band actually "going ham" on a really dumb girl. Other key words from the night: f*face, texas roadhouse manager, prairie fire, brian daddy, "lay off the carbs." Good times were had by all. 

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