Friday, April 20, 2012


...and I swear, no more than 500 of them were me!

Ok, so it's really not as big of a deal as i'm making it in my head, but i'm so incredibly proud that this little ol' music blog now has over 1,000 page views! (1,006 last time i checked, actually--!!!!!) It's something i started doing, mostly just for myself, to combine my two real loves- music and writing. The fact that people actually take the time to attempt to read it, or even just listen to the songs i've posted, makes my heart so happy <3 Maybe one day I'll find somebody crazy enough to pay me to do this, or maybe not. Either way, i'm so happy that i can share the music that i love with anyone willing to listen. thank y'all- i hope you keep coming back and reading! 

that's my super thankful hipster instagramed smile, just for you <3

Ramble On: April 20

Somebody That I Used to Know-- Walk Off the Earth (Gotye Cover) 

It took me a couple of listens, but I've grown to love Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know." It's so fresh and different, and has such great lyrics. This cover by Walk Off the Earth, though, takes what was already a good song and goes straight to absolutely amazing. Such a clever gimmick, this video has more than 93 million views on YouTube, and I could probably watch these five incredibly talented people playing that one guitar all day long.

Rocky Mountain Way-- Godsmack (Joe Walsh/Barnstorm cover)

I'll admit that I've been less than impressed with any new Godsmack for quite a while now.  It's been nine years, actually, since Faceless came out in 2003. Maybe I like this "new" Godsmack because, it is in fact, nowhere near new. Or Godsmack. It's a cover of Joe Walsh/Barnstorm's 1973 "Rocky Mountain Way." The new version is rocked up, with singer Sully Erna's signature growl blending Godsmack's sound to that of the classic. It combines the best parts of the original with the modern rock draws of that Godsmack sound--and it works, really, really well. The song is set to appear on the band's part live/part cover album, Live & Inspired, due out May 15.   

You're a Lie-- Slash ft. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

I've been in love with Myles Kennedy since I first saw him take the mic at the end of "Rock Star" (stand up and shout!)  And I've even come to the point of vandalizing myself with a Guns n' Roses song, so you could say that I have a certain fondness for Slash as well. Combine those two, then add in a rockin' tune and lyrics that you can't help singing along, and you've got "You're a Lie," the first single off Slash's second solo album Apocalyptic Love, set for release on May 22, 2012. I love the live video, because Kennedy can actually sing and Slash can actually play-- always a plus when it comes to bands, if ya ask me.

Cruise- Florida Georgia Line

In the spirit of my complete and total musical dissociative identity disorder (what you're now supposed to call multiple personality disorder, which is different from being schizophrenic or bipolar--thank you, WebMD) I had to highlight a song that in no way fell in line with the previous three songs. Funniest thing is, I've probably listened to "Cruise" twenty times more than I've listened to all those other songs, which are much more my style, combined. 

I first discovered Florida Georgia Line at Buster's when they opened for The Randy Rogers Band a few months ago. They won me over almost instantly with their super fun live show, and only minor assistance from that night's new best friend, Mr. BL Platinum. Chatting with them after the show sealed the deal, and I was in love. With the music, of course. Not that precious little Tyler. Not at all.......

Anyway, "Cruise" was a song they played that night, and it was stuck in my head from then on. As soon as it was up on iTunes I bought it and I've definitely gotten my $0.99 worth out of it. It's just so damn catchy and fun; a perfect summer anthem (or summer-like spring anthem in this instance). If you don't fall for it the first time, give it one more play. Get in your car on a sunny day, roll your windows down, and just, well, "cruise." I'm telling ya, it's about as addictive as that damn Platinum.