Sunday, September 1, 2013

Little Wing Flies West, pt 6

Sunday, August 4
The Harp Pub
Anaconda, Montana

We went from one of the biggest amphitheaters to a tiny bar in a town the size of tville...yeah.

Told the guys i was going to meet/fall in love with some boy. One of their responses: "I've never even seen you talk to a boy other than when youre selling merch." #explainsalot

Befuddles me entirely.

Excuse me, sir. Your behind is on my merch table. And only one behind is allowed on my merch table. And that is MINE.

Wanna be an annoying dbag? Order a drink at a crowded bar, then when you get said drink, just stand there and continue to block the bar
Going on a band bonding ghost hunt. I'm gonna pee my pants ninety eleven times.
Walking up the hill to the cemetary. Crazy scary.

Waylon joined us for a few shows. He was just chilling in the front lounge.
Ghost hunting/communicating/Failing at all paranormal activities.

Monday, August 5
Babcock Theatre
Billings, Montana

Pink pants make me happy.
 That moment when you're like,"did I remember to put on deo today?"

"What's your name?" "Kelli" "Kaylie?" "No, Kelli" "Kaylie?" "Yeah sure. I'm Kaylie" ... and apparently speak incomprehensible redneck.

They gave me my own dressing room :) Love my boys.
Tuesday, August 6
Sturgis Bike Rally/Easy Rider's Saloon
Sturgis, South Dakota

Autographs on the wall of the bands that had used our dressing room

 Sturgis. This is the place a husband will be found.

Want that stuffed eagle. And buffalo. And bear.

I have never in my life looked more a slutbag than tonight, yet I look like I'm headed to church compared to most of these hoochies #sturgis

Right beside: Punching & Ax throwing. I am a Terrified merch lady.   

Wednesday, August 7
Day Off

KS for K Swiss (one of my many nicknames from the band)

Day off at Sturgis? Oh yes.

Body shots? Before lunch? Ok, cool.

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Blackberry Smoke

Reunited with South DaCody!

Yup. In Mastadon's dressing room.

Mastodon. Super cool guys. They gave me booze then let me pee continuously in their dressing room. That's how I judge cool in my book.

Rob Zombie. Awesome, awesome show. And I got to meet him. I shook Rob Zombie's hand. I'm gonna be living on this high for a lonnngggg time. Just overlook me.

I touched rob zombie. I touched ROB ZOMBIE. I can die happy now

Brothers and bootie.

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