Sunday, September 1, 2013

Little Wing Flies West, pt 7 (THE FINAL PART!)

Thursday, August 8
House of Rock
Fargo, North Dakota

Finally, a new bus! A super fancy new bus!


Went to the bathroom, came back to this. I love Fargo. @ The House Of Rock

Jeff Reed ‏@jeffreed777 another pic with an old guy. Where are the good looking young guys? #youngguyshavenoballs

I love meeting twitter friends in real life!
 Friday, August 9
The Cabooze
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Yummy awesome Thai food

Bless it.

good hair day.

White bandana, right pocket,

Love this pic of drummer's wifey watchin him play- right after this she turned around to me and said "That's my husband!" It was adorable.

Saturday, August 10
Budweiser Grand Nationals
Peoria, Illinois

One more show, then home for a few days. Good luck catching me in makeup, a bra, or pants for those days
The husband hunt ends today-- two words: Quiet Riot.
 Watching Quiet Riot sound check. Be still my 80's music loving heart. #swoon #perfecthusbandmaterial
Do work, son.

Mother f'in quiet riot

Can't buy true. But you can buy many wonderful merch items from me.
A strawberrita, funnel cake, &vanilla ice cream seems like the perfect dinner and are all so close yet so far away


So this is my map where I color in all the states I have worked shows. I'm close to having them all!

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