Sunday, September 1, 2013

Festivals, Biker Rallies and Grandma Boobies

Thursday, August 15
The Blue Note
Columbia, Missouri

Waiting for elevators is boring.

I do not approve of this ridiculous look, but I sure as heck did it anyway. Love my boots.

Friday, August 16
River Roots Live
Davenport, Iowa

Good morning, Iowa. #riverroots

Just hanging out on stage during load in, camped out on the drum riser.

The bus had a shower. What!? A shower. On a bus!

The hotel had a moose. Almost as cool as a bus with a shower.
Two days in a row of hotel room #Insanity?! If only I'd have been doing this for the last three weeks, I'd be rocking my two pack again

Just knew daddy would finally think my job was cool when I told him I was hanging with the guy from American pickers. He wasn't. #blacksheep
The Bodeans

Shooter and the GFYs

I watched the show from backstage. It. Was. Awesome.

Best seat in the house.

I sure do love Brother and all my band boys ❤πŸŽΆπŸ‘Š @ River Roots Live

I've said it ten million times, but I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I had a dream and now I'm living it

So many people!

So here's a little insight into bus life. My bed (I always pick the same one, have ever since the first bus) is the passenger side top bunk at the very back, by the back lounge. The bunks are stacked 3 high so I have to gymnast/monkey climb to get there. It's a big jump from the top to the floor!
Speaking Spanish to the boys on the bus. They're amused by country Spanglish. I have no idea why.
Saturday, August 17
Rally on the River
Ironton, Ohio

It's like we're at a mini Sturgis. Thank goodness, it's been a week since I've seen grandma boobies.

Yay, another bike rally.
We play with @hellyeahband tonight-- You better believe I am gonna fangirl the shiz outta them from my merch table.
Two of my band boys

And when i thought it couldn't get any worse...the opening band is covering van halen....and badly. #killmenow

Oh god it's all van halen. They only play van halen. I'm gonna die

It just gets worse. #someonesaveme

The rest, I could tolerate. But you now you completely ruin an Alice in Chains song? Imma hold my breath til I pass out

First successful execution of "I'm not allowed to give out my number while I'm working." Now he will likely kidnap me after the show.
 Funny update to that tweet- old dude came back after I was done working. And it just so happened I needed help carrying my merch totes. So I traded my number for his help, and I was not ashamed. I completely ignored him the next day, which I felt moderately guilty about, but I have a limit on the number of teeth you can be missing and he did not meet that standard. 


My little heart is so happy to be at a heavy rock show--it has been way too long
My day was kinda rough, but when I got back to my bunk Shooter had saved me some funnel cake and a corndog. I'm a lucky merch lady.

Vinnie Paul
 Trying to be all groupie like and get a picture without being an actual groupie is tricky and I fail at it.
Chad Gray

I accidentally almost took him out with our bus door, and he was super sweet about it. Even called me sweetheart. I like that.

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