Sunday, September 1, 2013

Little Wing Flies West, pt 5

Wednesday, July 31
Boise, Idaho

So I closed the map I had been working on and i'm too lazy to add back all the precious cities, so I'll start over from here.

Tanning my toes, reading Anthony Bourdain's book, facing near squishing in the parking lot before the show.

Calamity Cubes- cool guys, cool band.

"I'm a sucker for anything that does me no good"

Some things you just have to take pictures of.
About to make the switch from nice girl to full-out soul stealer. Just 4a couple days see how it goes.

Per usual, perched up in the highest possible place, slinging merch.
Almost asked a bunch of motorcycle guys what their gang was called. Thank god I stopped myself.

Goddamn Gallows- i was so excited to finally see them. Such a fun band
Dear boys, don't ask me if I'm ok and if I need a drink unless you're prepared to purchase me a bourbon and diet.

Ok, actually . I always feel guilty, like i should ask for water instead.

Shooter Jennings and the GFY's.

My new favorite shirt.
Thursday, August 1
Top Hat Lounge
Missoula, Montana

Door tape, take 2.

Montana may be the most beautiful state ever.

Love it when venues feed us. Love it even more when they feed us amazing tapas- seared tuna? Oh yes. Yes please.


 A man just told me "thanks for being so beautiful." He was about 80. I think we're gonna get married
Two old people are making out beside me. I'm unprepared to deal with this.

 Hayes Carll is on the bus. Fan girling.

For the record, I hugged Hayes Carll that night. It was amazing. Such a nice guy, amazing writer/musican.

And then me, Matt, and Shooter ate breakfast at a diner at 3am and it was heaven. #pancakes
I am the luckiest girl. So, so, lucky.  

Friday, August 2
John's Alley
Moscow, Idaho

Wheat fields everyyyyyywhere

Delicious pizza. Seriously some of the best Ive ever had

Nice boy just flirted w/ me, & I awkwarded it right up by responding to "have a good rest of the tour" w/ "you too"

This girl brought in three canvases with rough sketches of shooter pictures and completely finished them before the show was over- here is the before.

Finished picture. How cool?!

No caption will do this justice.

If you see it, you'll get it. We protect our own like mama honey badgers.

Not real sure why my band boys enjoy sharpie tattooing me, but its hilarious. This one says: Shooter Girl Merch $$$. That means classy in german. And no, I am not naked, though it does appear much like I am.
Saturday, August 3
George, Washington
Watershed Festival
Gorge Amphitheater

This does not suck to wake up to @ The Gorge Amphitheatre
This was the most amazing venue I have ever been to. The views were breathtaking and the pictures dont do it justice.
Not gonna lie, don't care at all about seeing Toby Keith or kip Moore tonight at - I just wanna see
you might have been the only one. But thanks for saying that.

View from backstage

Shooter and the GFY's

Terri Clark -- it's like middle school all over again

Matt (guitar man) and Stephen (sound man)

Two parts fruit smoothie, one part merlot. Boom: Sangria.

Blackberry Smoke!

this life is a dream.

Backstage for Kip Moore

Right before Toby Keith took the stage

Toby Keith

I cant even begin to explain the feeling of being on the stage with 30,000 people in the crowd

One of the greatest nights of my life thus far. 

It's hard to explain why this night was so great. Certainly it wasn't because I love Toby Keith- because that wasn't the case. I think it was the fact that all I have wanted for years and years was to the be the girl on the side of the stage. The girl with the band. And I finally got it. May seem insignificant, but the fact that I finally made it to the point where I am touring with a national act on a bus, playing huge shows like this, it's just years of dreams coming true.

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