Friday, August 16, 2013

Little Wing Flies West, pt 4

Sunday, July 28
Concerts on the Common
Teton Village, Wyoming

The show was at some super fancy resort in the middle of the mountains.

So after I got all my merchy merch set up, then comes a monstrous monsoon and hurricane, all in one, and it blows all my stuff away- table cloth and all. So I called it quits for a brief rain delay and came back later. It was stilllll too windy, so I just ate thai food until i could lay a cd on the table without it blowing to Montana.

Side stage view of Rose's Pawn Shop -- really cool band from LA. Nice guys.

Monday, July 29
Live From the Divide
Bozeman, Montana

This is how you have a healthy gas station buffet. Naked blue machine, fruit tray, hummus and pretzel crackers. (Not sure what the lighter is doing there- maybe be were having a little grape flambe.)

If anyone is driving through Bozeman, Montana and would like to bring me a bottle of wine, I'll give you a free shirt
This was a super weird show, with only 25 people allowed in at a time and they recorded it to play on the radio. So I didn't even try to squeeze into either sold out show for a pic. I just took one of my merch instead. 

We actually went out after the show to the big city of Bozeman. Moderately fun times were had by all.

Sweet dance moves.

So much random crap on the walls.

This sign became the highlight of the night. Thank you, homeless person who abandoned it.

Pita Pit bathroom selfie. I didn't even think it was hot at the time. Now I am certain it is not.

Alas, I am not an actress, it is for certain. (Please make sure you listen as well as watch this- the words are the best part)

Turns out, some cab drivers aren't so friendly and don't like their picture taken. Lesson learned.

They're going hungry (for dog food)

I can't sleep on the bus when it's not moving. This is slightly inconvenient on nights, like tonight, when said bus is parked &not moving

Tuesday, July 30
Day Off
Mostly in Montana

Morning slammer? Make mine a large. Or venti- that's large in coffee talk.

Just beautiful. Montana or Idaho. Not sure where this is, but both were gorgeous.

Graduation Mountain in Arco, Idaho. Every year since 1929 the graduating class writes their grad year on the mountain. Really cool to see. Kinda eerie.

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. Absolutely mind-blowing landscape, where there are lava fields in central Idaho.

Van Halen was there?!

One of these things is not like the other.

Just amazing.

Then the bus took a wrong turn and we got almost stuck. Almost.

Merlot in a solo cup. Classy as shit.
nerdy moment, but how cool?!
I stole rocks. Cause I do what I want.

The door was starting to break, so we put up a caution sign. The first of much tape added to the door.

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