Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Wing Flies West, pt 3

Tuesday, July 23
Day Off
Bakersfield, CA


You know what's talent? Making guacamole from an avocado, leftover salsa, and red pepper flake packs that came with pizza, using only a plastic spoon and red solo cup. Btw- it was delicious.
 My biggest accomplishment today: perfecting the recipe for tour bus guacamole using leftover hospitality.

im not getting out of my bunk til someone gets me a diet coke. and a snickers. #divaday #ihatethisbusandthistrailerandthislackofdietcoke

Buck Owens Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California

 I don't know if its funnier when I make fun of the accent of British guy in the band or when he makes fun of mine. #britishredneck
So I took this pic really quick, hence the reason it is so blurry, but if you look really close you can see a puddle of what may or may not have been blood at the bottom of the stairs at the hotel we were staying at. Never have I ever walked so quickly in my life through a parking lot trying to look like I hadn't seen the evidence of a murder.

Wednesday, July 24
Day Off
Spent mostly in Bakersfield, CA getting the trailer re-attached to the hitch to re-attach to the bus.
Broken down bus repair number I lost count. At least we break down in beautiful places. Optimism, right?

Optimizing my time- nail painting and tanning in the parking lot.

Johnny showing me how the trailer broke and disconnected and could have potentially killed us all.

Turns out this isn't the wisest shirt for a girl to wear into a truck stop. #noballsnofun

Thursday, July 25
El Corazon
Seattle, Washington 

Idk what this is, but it's pretty cool.

Mt. Rainier

I'm having a moment. Listening to pearl jam, rolling into Seattle. #thislifeisadream

Absolutely in love with Seattle

Shooter and Scott singing White Trash Song


My favorite person to sell merch with! We take some dang good pics together

230 am pizza and beer. Its official, i am a man.

Friday, July 26
Farmageddon Music Festival 
Clinton, Montana

Montana is absolutely GORGEOUS.

Gotta love those clean bus windows.

Casino, liquor store, and exotic dancing. What more do you need?

Every hotel needs a coloring book to entertain me as I wait for my turn in the shower.

My glamorous life: putting on my makeup in the lobby of a Days Inn.

Yes, that does say what you think it says.

Purposefully dressed in what I call my "southern belle hippie" festival attire as to stand out among the goth punk kids. Only pink shirt & pearls here

what a beautiful place for a festival!

To girls who wear belly shirts on the reg, high five to you. Remembering to suck in your fat rolls and pretend you're skinny is exhausting

He's in a boat.
Saturday, July 27
Farmageddon Music Festival 
Clinton, Montana
The Days Inn had a sweet gym with the coolest treadmill i have ever ran on.

Don't tell me what to do, semi trailer.

Parking lot tanning, yall. I should write a how-to book on it. 

These weeds provided much amusement the night before.

Representing at farmageddon

Mas ! The (self proclaimed) King and Queen of merch--we don't just sell it, we model it too

Munly and the Lupercalians-- holy crap. Absolutely amazing.

Slim Cessna's Auto Club

Puppies on the bus!

Truffles finally gave in and decided to be my friend.

Omg she was precious!!

Mother f'n Pentagram

such a fun, fun night

My absolute favorite part of being on the road: sitting in the front of the bus and listening to music.

Kona reminded me of my Luke, and slept on my feets and made me miss him so much more

I've not done a whole lotta cool things in my life, but listening to waylon songs with shooter on the bus has gotta be one of them.

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