Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boots in the Sand, Butt in a Portapotty

July 11, 2013
Bottle & Cork 
Dewey Beach, Delaware 

To get from where we were staying in Maryland to the venue in Delaware we had to cross a realllllll big bridge. Like so big that I, not even particularly scared of bridges, got a little bit nervous crossing it.

Mas big bridge.
Congrats! You win the award for most disgusting portapotty EVER.
The greatest liquor store in the world?! Like the whole entire thing?! Whoa. Impressive.
After going to Myrtle Beach and being so close to the ocean but not getting to actual see it, my first priority was to get a glimpse of it when we got the the venue in Delaware. Turns out we were on a little pensiula kinda thing, and on one side (the side I tried first, of course) was just the bay and not the ocean.This did not make me happy.
Thanks, bathroom stall door for ruining  my party plans.
It's a little blurry, but I had to get a bathroom pic (le duh) of me in my Jonathan Tyler shirt. This shirt gets ridiculous amounts of comments--not to mention it's probably one of the most badass free shirts I've ever gotten.
A wild Beyonce in Delaware!
HST. Love, love, love it.
My merch for the night. Little painted guitar guy kept scaring the crap out of me every time I turned around.I legit thought there was some creeper creepin in my merch booth. Good times.
After a lovely dinner of fish tacos (seriously, if I am anywhere near the ocean I must eat seafood-I swear I could easily be a vegetarian and only eat seafood- is that a pescatarian? I'm too lazy to Google right now.) I FINALLY made my way to the beach. I didn't even care if I touched the water- heck, I barely got into the sand- I just wanted to see it. It's not like I've never been to the beach before or never seen the ocean. I have, plenty of times. I just love it and hate the idea of being so close and not even getting a peek at it. 
Boots in the sand.
Hola, ocean.

My view for the night.
My view from where I sat for most of the show: on the merch counter. I really do not know why I feel the need to sit on the highest surface in my merch selling area. I think I'm part cat. 
   Oh, and did I mention I met Luke Wilson? Ok, not so much met as sold two cds and almost a shirt (never have I been so disappointed not to have someone's size). But I spoke words to him. In person. Face to face. That is all. 

June 12, 2013
Jefferson Theater
Charlottesville, Virginia 
Sorry, Mr. President, we didn't have time to stop by. Just passing through.
Well that's not at all troubling.
My new thing is taking a picture of the venue from the stage at every show as we load in. This was such a beautiful venue. 
Stage selfie. Nerd status: 99%
These "as i'm peeing" pics have a purpose. This was was to remember how nice this venue's shower/bathroom was. And now we both know.
After I set up merch I went 'sploring. All the way to the top to watch the guys soundcheck. Awesome view.
Idk if it was the pink pants or the ungodly amount of booze the people at the show were drinking, but these Virginia boys were loving me. I've said it a million times, but seriously, the hardest part of not selling merch anymore will be maintaining my small amount of self confidence without boozy boys telling me I'm pretty. I need to start recording them and playing it back when I'm having a fat day.

Opening guy's shirts. Oh, the irony.

Best chip brand ever. I usually get the crab ones anytime I see them, but I strayed from my norm and got a different flavor. They were excellent as well.

Ever been to Beaver? I recommend the Sleep Inn. Real nice.

Now hiring burgers and hotdogs. That's what I call equal opportunity.

West Virgina's capitol building. Pretty!

On the stage at Renfro Valley.

Check out these awesome new shirts! You know you want one. Lucky for you, I can hook you up.

The band + my favorite giant, Justin Wells.

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