Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don't Call Me an Outlaw

July 9, 2013
Common Grounds Music Festival
Lansing, Michigan 

I took this pic of the bathroom at the Flying J in Franklin, Ky after I was nearly eaten alive by a lounge full of truckers. I swear, it was the closest to kidnapping I've ever gotten.

This is why I don't fix my hair. I spend hours doing this, only to brush it all out, and a few hours later get rained on and turn into the lion king.

I wanted to stop and see if Eminem was home but we didn't have time.

Our home for the day. Which was home to either Sevendust or Slash/Myles Kennedy the next day. Just sayin'.

4th of July is so great, they play it twice. (not really, to disclaim for all the gullible ones)

The Sheepdogs. So excited to finally see them. Good stuff.

"Backstage" during The Sheepdogs

Squirrel charming. I was pretty sure it was gonna attack but too curious to turn away

So I had such a moment this day. I have so many memories of concerts where I would stare at the people standing on the side of the stage and just dream of being up there. Of course, most of them were girlfriends and I am just a lowly crew member (just kidding, I think I prefer it this way) but still. There is a sense of almost power that comes from being up there. Like you're one of the "cool kids" who is "with the band." I don't know if this makes any sense, it probably doesn't to you if you haven't been that kid in the crowd watching the show. But to me, as that kid, it means so much. Pretty dang awesome.

Pretty cool seeing the band on the big screens! Because that's how you know you've made it, right? šŸ˜‰

It took me ten days amongst all the "sorry people" to try and get a good pic of all four of them, but I finally got it.

Creedence Clearwater Revisited. Like the real CCR minus the good parts.

Michigan state Capitol. Beautiful. Lansing was a gorgeous city.

July 10
Travel Day

We drove from Michigan to Maine ( a ridiculously long drive, just in case you were wondering) but were richly rewarded with delicious seafood!

Thank goodness the hotel gave us a fresh remote. I hate when I get a stale one.

Don't call me an...oh wait.

Hotel room Insanity-- I felt just like I was in Shinedown.

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