Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Wing Flies West- pt 2

Sunday, July 21
The Echoplex
Los Angeles, California 

We FINALLY made it to California, after a fortnight of travel, a baker's dozen of bus breakdowns, and tons of fun, of course.   

The mojave dessert (pronounced moe-jay-ve)

I love how I look my most hobo as we reach the most civilization. UK sweatpants, hot pink sports bra, ripped up a7x shirt #imfromkyyall

LA! I made it to LA! And the bus promptly blocked off this major road behind the Echolplex.

Yep, just blocking some traffic.
I'm in LA. I can't even.
On the lookout for the bus driver.....and the bus. Oh yeah, and all the gear.

Scott H. Biram. Seriously, if you haven't listened to him yet, do it. Now.
I am going to get hit by a car before I leave this city.
More Scott.

I could so live in LA. I'm really good at looking like I woke up in a gutter and wearing my clothes from elementary school.
So I saw/chatted with this cat in the club and was like I know him. I have seen him on my tv, but could not remember who he was. I tried to creep a pic to have my amigos id him but was unsuccessful, as he was standing right in front of me. Luckily a nice lady at the show told me it was Riki. I felt much less crazy after google verified that I had, in fact, seen him on tv before.

Shooter Jennings and the Nameless band at the Echoplex. Where a little band called the Rolling Stones had played just a few months back, no big deal.

Finally bed time in LA. When I wake up, I'll be in San Francisco. One show in and I'm exhausted already, but so, so happy #thislifeisadream

Monday, July 22
The Independent
San Francisco, California 

fields of sunflowers
I have officially reached the longest time span I've ever gone w/out a shower. The boys are amused by my leg hair growth and keep petting me.

Normal girls would likely be disgusted by this. Hell, normal boys too. I think this makes me officially a road dog (&i smell like it too)

NASA in san bernadino

It's a little hard to see, but that dome-looking structure is where they house the goodyear blimp

San Francisco!

This is us as we waited for the surely impending death as our bus shut down in the middle of the interstate 5 min from the venue.

Johnny was cutting his toenails. Scotty did not enjoy this.

Yep, just hanging out with our locked-up brakes in the middle lane of the highway.

Shovelman. Playing a shovel. Ok.

I want to call every homeless black guy I see Omar. #omarcoming

Scott, kicking butt as usual. Love this guy.

Love these boys to the moon and back.

My own private rhythm section music lesson, dancing included.

I steal hats trucker hats. It is a serious addiction and I need rehab. (But i do love my new scott h biram hat!)

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