Monday, July 29, 2013

Little Wing Flies West- pt 1

My first cross-country road trip on a bus, aka 5 million pictures of trees, desserts, mountains, and, of course, myself doing awkward things. So, this first in a series of posts contains no of pictures that document any musical activity, just the journey to get to the musical activities by way of crap tour bus likely first used by the Partridge Family and most recently by the Warped Tour.

Thursday, July 18
Depart Nashville

Idk where exactly we stopped in Arkansas, but you get the point.

Overheard at dinner: "Can I get my filet rare?" band boy, idk which one. "Uh, I think they just cook it til it's done," waiter.

"New Zealand has a lot of kangaroos. I call them jumping bunnies."

Arkansas in the rain

Friday, July 19
Arkansas to New Mexico

We spent the night in Arkansas and then the next day drove through some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever laid my little eyes upon.


Even through the mildew of the bus window, it was a beautiful day.

as tweeted: Solidified my role as bus mama, vacuuming up a broken jack bottle that jumped off the counter, thus saving the bands feets #mamaLittleWing
This bus is basically wall to wall mirrors. This is beside my bunk. And no, I'm not naked. Though I was wearing a dress which led some of the boys to call me a princess.

Laying out the rule list for potential man friends to the band/crew. We're hoping to find a husband by Montana. #yeahright #hopeless

I am so blessed. The things I'm seeing, the places I'm traveling to, the life I get to heart is so full

Dinner stop on  Route 66

I had high hopes for this margarita, and it did not live up to them.

More hotel room Insanity. I look skinny real far away and blurred out.

Saturday, July 20
Santa Rosa, New Mexico to Needles, California

New Mexico. Bus breakdown nĂºmero uno.What a beautiful place to wake up.

It was a pretty place to be stuck, at least

I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and get in a little tan time. On the side of the interstate. Well, the exit at least.

Isn't this panoramic pic gorgeous?

A cactus.

I love informative truck stop bathroom signs.
Truck stop iron skillet at 11pm was, in fact, a terrible idea. Who would have guessed.

I also love truck stop junk. Somebody just might be getting a bell...lucky you!

What is this magic?!

These crazy little videos are things I Vined. They are kinda blurry, but you get the point.

Continental Divide. I expected a large, noticable gap in the earth. there was no such thing. perhaps I should study geography more.

Back to what I said about all the mirrors.

There was emu petting and they just drove right on past it. Jerks.

Its a dinosaur.

Arizona. Turns out there is one after all.


Watching it storm from the front by the driver.

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