Thursday, January 17, 2013

tour blog 4

Tour Route

December 12
The Emerald Lounge
Asheville, North Carolina
Back with the band! FotF in Asheville, NC where it's colder than Christmas
"I have found the home of the hippies and it is Asheville, NC"

Can't get away from Lexington, even in NC.

"If your bar is playing "smack that" and it is not 2003, I have zero respect for you."

Let's put the merch booth by the door. It's not like it's cold outside or anything.

"She was a good girl before she got with us, now she just breaks hearts." Don't believe a word of that, Asheville

Yacth Club, Asheville NC. Show after-party, night 1. Fun times for sure.
I included this pic because it may be the only pic I have of me on tour. Plus I was bored at the time. And I love my pink hair.

This is what luxury looks like: Sleeping bag in the floor of a shady motel. Living the dream.

December 13
Good Stuff
Marshall, North Carolina

Standing alone outside of a hotel wearing leather leggings doesn't look prostitute-ish at all, right?

As I was looking like a lady of class, loitering in the parking lot and waiting for the guys to come out, I noticed something: cats. Cats everywhere! 

Cats in the bushes.
Cats in the parking spots.

Oh look. More cats.

Mas gatos.

It was at this point that I realized there was an abundance of two things in Asheville: Cats and hippies.

Reading a magazine in the van on the way to the venue and look who I found!

If I don't freeze to death before i leave NC, I'm gonna move to Marshall, become a hippie, change my name to Moon Flower and never straighten my hair again.

The show was in an old church turned into a bar/restaurant.Strange, but it was a beautiful place.
Fifth on the Floor and Jesus (in the stained glass). Aaaaaa-men.

PBR on a church bench? This feels wrong. Throw in leather pants and leopard shoes...J man was probably thrilled with me that night.
Two birds with one stone: Creepy bathroom pic + show flier pic. Success.

Add van driver to my resume.

December 14
Johnson City, Tennessee

Just doing typical rockstar stuff, watching Wreck it Ralph with the band. 

Johnson City (f*ck) Tennessee. I can't say it without the expletive.

The white piping on my boots glows in the black light! Highlight of my day.

Cool bar, cool people. Cool van driver named Kelli.

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