Monday, October 17, 2011

ramble on: oct 17

chevelle-- face to the floor

Chevelle's latest release, "Face to the Floor," their first single from the new album due out in December, hits you hard as soon as the vocals kick in. A very different sound, both musically and vocally, this new taste of the band from Chicago is one of the best releases from the band in a long time. It has such a strong groove to it, while still maintaining that melodic and heavy sound that made them famous in songs like "The Red." Overall, a really good song from what I'm predicting will be a must-buy album this December.   

the pretty reckless-- make me wanna die

I really didn't think I'd like The Pretty Reckless. I've basically ignored them up until this point because I figured there was no way that this pretty little blonde actress who tried too hard to be a rockstar and wore entirely too much black eye makeup could have any legit talent. I came across the video of Taylor Momsen singing "Make Me Wanna Die" with nothing but an acoustic guitar backing her. I was shocked by the fact that the girl could actually sing. Blessed with a voice that is beautiful yet dark and raspy, with a bluesy feel to it, Momsen is a much better singer than actress. As a person she tries a bit too hard to fill out the rockstar persona that she's after, but as a vocalist she has an effortless sound that is undeniably good.

evans blue-- this time it's different

Fronted by a singer different from the one that led them to fame with their hit "Cold (But I'm still here), Evans Blue is coming back strong with a new vocalist and a new song that has the potential to be just as big. "This Time It's Different" is heavy, but highlighted by catchy lyrics that are dark yet entrancing. This song may not have the carry-over potential to bring in fans outside of the rock world as "Cold" did, but it still has serious potential and will likely continue to climb the rock charts, and deservedly so.  

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