Friday, June 8, 2012

Ramble On: June 8

Kopek-- Floridian


I love when I  listen to a song for the first time and become completely and totally captivated by it. When I heard Kopek's "Floridian," I stopped everything I was doing. Facebook was neglected, email ignored, my coffee set aside and forgotten. I could only sit, watch and listen as I was drawn deeper and deeper into the song.

Something about the combination of the music, the lyrics, the overall sound of the song just enamored me. This acoustic version just lends itself to revealing every little detail of the song, with its harmonies and simple beauty. It just works--it works really, really well.

(And now just one completely unprofessional non-journalistic girl moment, as i am a non-professional girl and allowed moments such as this cause its my blog and i do what i want)
Plus, singer Daniel Jordan and his adorable Irish accent introducing the song doesn't hurt either. Boy who can sing + guitar + accent?! I mean really. What about that can be bad at all??

"Floridian" is a great song from a band that's only going to keep getting bigger. So check out Kopek now so you can look cool in front of your friends and say you knew of them before they were huge-- they have a great live show (check out my review of their show at Buster's in Lexington) and their first album White Collar Lies is definitely worth a listen.       

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