Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ramble On- February 15

Take This- Staind -- I think everybody has their "sad" song, the one that they turn on and play on repeat, and even though it makes you feel worse and probably provokes even more tears than you already had flowing, it still somehow makes you feel a little bit better. Maybe it's part of the whole catharsis of emotions idea. Maybe it's just a girl thing. Hell, maybe it's just a Kelli thing. All I know is that I do it, and "Take This" is the song that I always turn to. I adore Aaron Lewis, as has been previously stated in the last post. This really raw, emotional song is probably my favorite from Staind, and shows that parts of the band that make me love them. The music is simple but beautiful. The lyrics are real and so tangible for anyone who has ever just felt, well, tired. This song pulls me back when I think that I am on the edge, and after I get out all the tears and bad vibes that I have held inside, I just feel...relief. If you are in need of a song to help you feel the same way, I would be more than happy to share this one with you.

I And Love And You- The Avett Brothers  -- I had heard this song quite a few times before, and didn't hate it, but didn't love it until last week. I hadn't taken the time to soak it all in and really hear the words, and now that I have, I've gained an entirely new respect for it. The entire vibe of it, so chill and peaceful in the most melancholy of ways. I can't decide what the song is supposed to be about, whether it is a happy, lovey song or just the opposite. For purposes of my interpretation at this time, I'm going to choose the second option. I'll cite this line to back up my hypothesis (oh goodness, what has working on my master's done to me?!) :
"One foot in and one foot back, But it don't pay to live like that, So I cut the ties and I jump the tracks, For never to return"
Something about this song strikes me and draws me into it, maybe it's the back story to when i first really heard it. But that's really the great thing about a song. You can take it how you want, and relate it to whatever you choose, and no matter what, that song ties it back to those memories and helps your mind to keep them when others are slipping through the cracks. And that, my friends, is why i am so in love with music. 

Mourning- Tantric --  It's funny that I can remember the exact time that I first heard this song as well. It was actually at my first Tantric show, here in Lex. It was arguably one of the best nights of my life, as I had my first experience of getting on a real-live rockstar tour bus. I won't bore you with all the amazingly amazing details (though, if you are interested, you can find them in my Tantric show review blog) but basically, it was the coolest thing ever just chilling on the tour bus and talking with a band that I had been listening to on the radio forever.

The show itself was pretty great, too. When the band started playing this song, my friend who i was there with nudged me and told me to listen because this was a great song. So I listened and watched as Hugo, the singer, sat down at the keyboard and began to play and sing. I love the concept of the song, love the melody of it, and love the play on words. I especially love the emotion and depth of it. It is one of my favorites now, and I can't believe it was never more of a hit for Tantric. (And just as an aside, I'm reppin' my Tantric shirt today- so thanks again for that one, Hugo ♥ )  

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