Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ramble On - February 3

Hesitate--Stone Sour - I first heard this song live at the Stone Sour show in Lex last week, and I really liked it but thought how strangely slow and mellow it was for Corey Taylor, even for his role with Stone Sour. At the show I thought it was a sappy love song (because his vocals weren't turned up loud enough- good going sound man). Then I heard it on the radio the other night and looked up the words, and found out that it's more along the lines of a breakup song at the end of a sappy relationship.   

I absolutely love Taylor's voice, and he could probably sing the phone book and I'd still love it. This super-slow, super-emotionally charged song is now one of my current favorites, and almost makes me want to break up with my bf just so I can have this as my theme song for life. I kid, I kid...but seriously, I love it that much that I might consider it ;) 

Isolation--Alter Bridge - I love Alter Bridge, and always have. I really like their new album, and this song is one of my favorites from "III." I also adore this video ("Faithfully" deja vu, anyone?) and not just because of how beautiful I think Mark Tremonti is. (He held a door open for me one night in Nashville after a Sevendust show. We had a connection, and may still be in love.) 
"Isolation" is nothing extraordinarily different, just a really good modern rock song, with some great guitar licks (thanks, my love Mr. Tremonti, for them) and that angelic voice of Myles Kennedy, who, I admit, I like to pretend really got his start in music by singing for Steel Dragon at the end of the movie "Rock Star."  I'm gonna throw in a little "Stand Up and Shout" by Steel Dragon now, just because I'm thinking about it now and considering leaving work just to go watch it. It is an awesome movie, seriously.

Down by the Water--The Decemberists  - I must admit that I did not think that I would like The Decemberists. I am picky, and yes, I'll say it, a bit stubborn, when it comes to music. I think I'll blame this one also on the conditioning of my local radio stations. If its not Shinedown or Van Halen, I probably don't hear it, and I just assume that I don't like it (disclaimer: I do not actually care much for Van Halen. Or ACDC, while we're being honest. There went my credibility. Oh well. I can write my own songs about an ice cream truck, so David, just keep yours and I'll "jump" to my own.)

Now that I'm off that soap box, back to The Decemberists. They are very folky, very happy indie people who I picture holding hands and skipping through a field of daisies. Of course, of all the songs from their new album, "The King is Dead," my favorite track is "Down by the Water," the least daisy-skipping song on the whole thing. But still, it's really good. It makes me think of REM at times, and the beginning makes me think of another song that I can't think of right now but is killing me trying to figure it out.

Liking The Decemberist is my attempt at being a "cool kid" listening to cool kid music. Maybe I'll go put on my most indie clothes and find a field of some daisies to skip through. It's what all the cool kids are doing. After you listen to them, you might just wanna hold my hand and join me.     

And, just to throw out my opinion, because I know you want to know, I HATE how VEVO is infiltrating YouTube and forcing you to watch so many advertisements before you can watch an "official video." I'm not so dense that I don't understand its purpose ($$$$$$$$$) but it still really sucks. So there. 

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