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Hinder-- All America Nightmare

If you're looking  for an artsy, deep, soul-touching album that's going to change your life, then Hinder's latest "All American Nightmare" ain't it. If you are looking for something fun that's going to put a grin on your face and become the soundtrack to your next party or night out, then you are most definitely in luck. From start to stop, Hinder's most recent release will have you tapping your feet to the beat, smiling and thinking how awesome it would be to live life a like a rockstar.

There is seriously not a bad song on this album. That signature raspy but beautiful voice that is Austin Winkler, kicks it off with "2 Sides of Me," a rocking song that sets the mood for the rest of the cd. Its heavy, powerful, and so melodic that it ties all those things together. 

The two singles that have already been released from the album follow. First, the title track "All American Nightmare" gives you a "one way ticket to the darker side." It's typical Hinder in the best possible way. Dirty and scandalous, this first released single proves all the reasons that not one boy in this band is the one you're gonna bring to church with you on Sunday, but you're gonna have one hell of a good time until then.

"What Ya Gonna Do," the current single, brings things down a bit, showing that maybe the badass lifestyle has consequence and the wild ride might not last forever. It brings a bit of a softer side to the boys, and is the perfect precursor to the next song, "Hey Ho."

One of my favorite songs from "All American Nightmare," "Hey Ho" is about the end of a relationship that probably never should have been to begin with. (And boys of Hinder, just so you know, I like all the songs you write, and I do me some love Nirvana ;) Just sayin'... )  

Another notable from the album is "Put That Record On." In the most amazing way, this song tells of how a song is associated with a moment in your life, and eternally every time you hear it, it takes you right back there. It says, "the song remains the same as life goes on," -such true words, so perfectly captured in this song. Watch this video below, and listen to the way that Winkler introduces it. If you have ever really loved a song and all those things you probably shouldn't have been doing when you heard it the first time, you'll love this one too. The sound is a little weird in the video, but it's live recorded on a little camera and that's just how it goes. [Side note: This live video makes me so freakin' excited for Hinder to come to LEXINGTON! And Rock on the Range. Hinder has an amazing live show, I've seen them a ton of times before, and I can't wait to see them again. I recommend you do the same.] 


I decided to go with the deluxe edition of the album for one reason: the song "Bad Mutha F**ka." Not included on the regular edition, this song makes you feel like you're chillin' in the living room surrounded by the guys of Hinder, with an acoustic guitar and whatever else may be making its way around the room. The feeling is so relaxed, with guys yelling random obscenities in the background and cracking up uncontrollably at the hilarious lyrics, and even Winkler can't keep it together at times. The lyrics are just so fun, terribly inappropriate and at times just plain wrong, but delivered in such a familiar way that you can't help but love it. And ladies, I dare you to listen to Winkler just speak in his regular voice and not melt. Go ahead, I'll wait.   

I have been a Hinder fan from way back, and this album only solidifies how much I love this band. Great lyrics, great music, and just a great album that will continue to blow up on the radio as more singles are released. I have no doubt of this. Take some advice from me: Go buy this album, and spring for the deluxe edition. It's gonna become your new soundtrack. And maybe I lied in the beginning when I said this album wouldn't change your life. It just might make you live a little more on the rockstar side of life, and after you listen to all these songs, you'll know it's gonna be one wild ride :) 

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