Thursday, October 4, 2012

I show my belly to the judges.

The music part of this starts two Alanas and a line below here. Don't say I didn't give you a heads up if you choose to wade through the nonsense that comes before. 

I may have made the coffee a little too strong today....

I have spent an exorbitant amount of time scouring the internets looking for a gif of Alana saying "My go go juice is (insert gasping breath) kickin in right now" that would really show exactly how I feel at this moment, but I got nothing, so the best I could do was this one. I guess I could have just put the whole video here and told you that, if for some incomprehensible, strange reason you don't want to watch the entire thing for what has to be the tenth time today (no? that's only me?), then you can jump ahead to  3:46 and just watch her say it there..........Screw it, here it is anyway:

You're welcome.

I swear, this blog did start out with the intention of being a place to review/share music. Somehow it has evolved into a maelstrom of my crazy with a kickass soundtrack. But really, that's kind of my life, so it works. Way more people read this craziness now than they did when I was trying to be legit, so I'm just going to go with it. It takes way too much effort to fight it, anyway.


I have been so bored with music lately. I've been craving something new for my ears to obsess over about as much as I've been craving a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (because I am too lazy and too cheap to actually go out of my way and go to Starbucks and get one, and the one time that I actually did try to get one was when I was in DC and there was a Starbucks in my hotel and Madre was with me and was going to pay for it, eliminating my cheap and lazy excuses, but per my usual luck they were out and I was hit with a bout of devastation that was only cured by a white chocolate mocha and successfully Moses'ing my Old Lady Travel Crew to Arlington on my first trip on the Metro.)

Soooo, this week brought me great joy when I saw that there were a few new albums that had the potential to fill the void. Papa Roach dropped The Connection and The Wallflowers added a stream of their new album that comes out next week, called Glad All Over, to their website. I listened to both and was equally unimpressed. Three Days Grace's newest release, Transit of Venus, also came out this week, and after I was three songs into streaming it, I knew I had to have it and bought it right then.     

"Chalk Outline" is the first single off the album and it has been on the radio for a while now, and as I already mentioned it in an earlier blog I won't take up space here by showing you the video again -- though it is a really good song and totally worth a listen. There are just too many other good songs to share. Here are my favorites from Transit of Venus: 

Three Days Grace--Sign of the Times

The first track on the album, this song really sets the tone for the rest that follow. It has that classic TDG sound, but there is just a different vibe to it.

Three Days Grace-- The High Road

 This is, without a doubt, my favorite song from the album. There are some lyrics that I hear and they just hit me, and whether or not I relate, I find their cleverness and and literary (i think i can go as far as saying literary, right?) power so strong that they just stick with me. The chorus of this song does that to me.

"I'll do whatever it takes to be the mistake you can't live without."
 Like, seriously? Whoa. Why can't I think of lines like that? Instead I'm writing blogs with Honey Boo Boo quotes as titles. Oh, life.

But seriously, I listened to this on repeat for close to three hours the other day as I was driving home. It's just perfect "Kelli" music. Maybe a little on the girly side, as it is a bit lovey/ballady, but I think it is pretty great.

Three Days Grace-- Give In to Me

The last song that I want to feature is actually a cover, but I never would have known that if not for the world's most reliable source of information, Wikipedia. I was a little surprised to learn that it was actually a Michael Jackson song.  I was even more surprised, ok, actually I was flat-out shocked to find that though I really like the TDG version, I like the Michael version better.

Michael Jackson-- Give In to Me

After watching this video, I really think I need a wind machine. And Slash to just follow me around, shredding out a kickass solo every time i walk in a room and playing the soundtrack to my daily life. I'd be the coolest girl EVER. 

Overall, it's a great album, and if you're a fan of Three Days Grace, then I'd say it's a must-have.

And, if anyone has a giant wind machine or access to Slash, I'd appreciate the hookup.

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