Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dawes--Stories Don't End

Dawes new album, Stories Don't End, has been my constant writing soundtrack since it was released on Tuesday. Lyrically, this is one of the most brilliant records I have bought in years. Yes, years. It's that amazing. In addition the to genius lyrics, the music is beautiful as well. It's really the best music purchase I have made in a very long time.

Below are four of my favorite songs from Stories Don't End. I've included lyrics from each that I found to be particularly exceptional. To really get the full effect, buy the album and listen to the songs fully. They're enough to take your breath away.

Dawes-- Most People

This song is without a doubt my favorite from the album. Maybe it's because I love songs that I can identify with, and so many of these lines resonate.

"And it all makes up an image that resists interpretation
Which is lately how she likes to see herself
How she does not believe in accidents, doesn't disagree out loud
And falls in love with every man she cannot help"

Dawes--Just My Luck

"Just my luck I never said I loved you
Just my luck it completely slipped my mind
It's not my colder-hearted tendencies that keeps you from being here with me
Or the universe's brilliant designs
It's just my luck

I spend my whole life moving forwards but understand it looking back
Like watching last night's tapes in the middle of a game
I should know how this thing works now, I should accept it as a fact
That there's really nothing out there I can blame"

Dawes--Someone Will

"Grab your cigarettes
And follow me out of the living room.
And I’ll get drunk enough to tell you how I feel
About the men you loved,
And how they all seemed to get the best of you
Because If I don’t say these things, you know,
Someone will.
So I hope my voice can stay as clear as I need it to
But that my words take on the nature of a drill
To be set against the frozen sea inside of you
Because if I don't tell you I’m falling in love, then
Someone will."

Dawes--Something in Common

"And as I stare over my breakfast and out into the street
I find that sorrow I've been chasing way too often,
That the man that stands in front of you is not the sum of all his dreams,
But I'm hoping they've got something in common
I'm hoping they've got something in common"

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