Monday, April 15, 2013

Tour blog 956

...or something like that.

Best part about getting new merch? Less room for my fat butt in the van. Hello, vinyl!

Bathroom wall art. One of my weaknesses. #stopslutshaming

Remember that time at the show when all the other ladies were dressed like punk pinup girls and I was looking all Taylor swift-y and felt like they wished I was part of the Nashville that was burnin'? Good times.

Song reference--get it?

Also I think the fact that my selfie clearly is tarnished by my square still plugged into my phone counts as a major #merchgirlprob

Southgate House. Such a beautiful venue.

Sometimes we stay with people who I think may steal my fillings and sell them for meth. Sometimes we stay with people who have tanning beds next to the bar in their basement. I like staying with these people better.

This is what I like to call "why it's best not to have mimosas for breakfast and wine for lunch"

This evil thing, reincarnated.

Tootles. Always a good time.

Post-show photo shoot.

"The Fall" featuring Aaron on the merch rack.

I'll pretend like this was all the donut that I ate.

Stages are for rocking and for napping upon.


I don't know what I love more, Tootles or red lipstick and my jack daniels shirt.

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