Tuesday, May 7, 2013

tour blog--one more chapter.

 I'm playing a bit of catch up with these tour blog posts. But that's ok since I do them mostly for myself anyway :) 

April 18
The High Watt

I had been to the Mercy Lounge before (to see Mona play) but hasn't been to the High Watt, which was just another new little room in the whole Cannary Ballroom complex. 

Fifth played a great show, and it was awesome just being in Nashville.  

April 20
Lexington, KY 
The Green Lantern 

April 20 was Record Store Day, so Fifth had a special vinyl release party. 

Watching the show through the little window by my merch table. 

April 22
12th & Porter 

We traveled back to Nashville, this time for a show at 12th & Porter. 
We stopped at Third Man on the way--very, very cool. 

Then we went to Grimey's and watched Shooter do an in-store acoustic show. 

             ....I love that skyline. 

The guys played an awesome set. It was a great show. 

The lights were epic that night. Just like being at a big legit show. 

April 26
Illinois (somewhere close to Chicago, idk)
Mackey's Hideout

The new vinyl made for a very comfy ride in the van. Lots of room for activities. Not. 

One thing I learned from my time with Fifth is to expect the unexpected. But as much as I keep my little mind open, I was still not prepared for what we saw when we turned onto the road the bar was on. 

See all that water? See that man being all scary-movie creepy, just standing in the middle of the road on the standing water?!

Nice lake, right? Nope. That's the parking lot. It was definitely one of the most memorable load-ins. 

Loved the sign on the jukebox. 

                  Loving life. 

"Kelli only makes money when you buy stuff, and you can tell by her britches that she's not selling a lot"

April 27
Chicago, Illinois 
MoonRunners Music Festival

The next morning we went to Reggie's in Chicago for MoonRunners. It was a great day--especially because I sold lots of Fifth merch and all but 2 of the official MoonRunners shirts. 

Three wristbands. Because two just isn't enough. 

Fifth on the Floor kicked major ass!! They did so great, Mama Kelli was proud. 

Hellbound Glory. I hadn't seem them since I first started with Fifth and they played a few shows with us. Great music. 

After working my little butt off all day long, most of the people at the show were too drunk to buy merch, so a photoshoot began and good times were had by all. 

            Skinny Denny!! Love him. 

             Madness. Pure madness. 

This kid. He entertained me endlessly. 

I absolutely love this. It's how I most of my time with them is spent--cracking up. 

Two of my Tootles boys, with a Skinny Denny photobomb. 

Stole this from Fifth's insta. That's Scott H. Biram on the right. Great musician.

I so love these boys. They're like big brothers to me. 

                  Love love love!!

New merch friend!

Shooter closed out the show. And here is where things get interesting for me. But you'll have to read the next post to find out why!

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