Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Well this was unexpected...Tour Blog 2.0

It seems I'm moving up in the merch lady world. Its still blowing my mind. I didn't have much going on with Fifth this month so when I got an offer to work with another artist for a little while, I just couldn't turn it down. For the next little bit I'm going to be working for....Shooter Jennings! It is a big step forward for me and I couldn't be more excited. 

May 4
Knott County Trail Ride
Leburn, Ky

Before you even start reading this, I'll let you know that it's full of ridiculousness. The things that make me excited are not so typical, so if you're not amused by my fascination with doing all these seemingly small things for the first time, ya might wanna just scroll through the pictures and go on about your day. 

So my first experience as a real life merch lady came the night before the show. I got to go to Sound Check, where bands and artists store their gear when not touring, and help load up the merch and other stuff. Just that was so cool to me. Why? I don't even know. Maybe because it made me feel so legit. Whatever the reason, I was one excited little lady. 

  Loading up the merch! You know you want a gunslinger ammo box! 

I like to take perfectly good shirts and destroy them. My Austin City shirt met my scissors and this was the result: new merch slinging shirt. 

I warned you-- this is going to get all annoying. But I can't help myself. 

So the next day we head to the show, which was on a reclaimed mountain top where they had mined coal. Very interesting. It was beautiful though. 

This was my first show where the band has had a camper/rv waiting, with food and drinks. Like, what? 

Small things fascinate me. I turn on the water in the rv and it is pink. Um, ok. I think I'll just skip washing my hands. 


                      Merch set up 

Let me just tell you, the moment I got this, there were tears. Tears happened all weekend actually. I can't tell you how many times I just had to walk off and have a "get your shit together" moment. This was the best though. My first legit tour laminate. I can't tell you how long I've wanted one of these- and not just one for the night, like a hoebag groupie, though no disrespect to hoebag groupies, y'all do your thing-- i wanted one of my own to signify that I was working for the band. I was a part of a real tour. And now I am :) 

Wow. Just wow. 

Those precious little Sundy Best boys also played at the trail ride. Always a great show. It was a nice surprise to see them there. 

My first legit Shooter show as merch lady (!!!!) Well, i guess it's my second because i sold his stuff in Pagosa, but I was selling Fifth's too and it was just a one night thing. This was my first real night, though. 

I know, I'm "just selling tshirts" and wasting my degree and life in general by not being an adult and doing the adult things I'm qualified for. Trust me, I've heard so much condescending talk the past week that went just like that. And I know, I'm not with the Rolling Stones or Backstreet Boys or some huge act like that. But I'm getting there. My hard work is being noticed. And I'm really, really happy. The fact that maybe someday soon i might be living on a tour bus blows my mind-- how long has that been all I want out of life?! I know that you probably don't understand and I know you're probably judging. I get that. But I'm happy. Really really happy and proud of myself. And I'm really excited for what's to come in the next few weeks. This weekend is Texas---I can't wait!! 

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