Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why are green rooms called green rooms?

Thursday, September 12
Neumiers Rib Room
Fort Smith, Arkansas

Why exactly is it called the green room? why not the blue room or the red room? I need to ask the google.

Planning the locking of the bus around the methadone clinic "feedings." Heck yeah Arkansas.

Any venue that has a fridge full of 100% juice is good in my book. Real, real good.

Sitting outside with the wannabe groupies & fienders. Just got asked by a lady with a neck tat if i was just in drug class. Time to go in.

I take every opportunity to tan while on the road. Counting shirts by the trailer in the alley? Tan time.

"I've grown tired of traveling alone" #sickandwhiney #getittogetherkelli

I am living in a man's world.

One pair of shoes just isn't enough when your right beside a methadone clinic.

Fort Smith, you are a strange city. An I'll be honest, I don't really understand or like you. #strippershoes #hotasballs #moonshineshots

Friday, September 13
Granada Theater
Dallas, Texas

You know it's going to be a good day when you need a margarita for breakfast. #sarcasm
Bus driver Rick isn't wearing a shirt. But what he lacks in shirt he makes up for with his neon green shorts...idk what is even happening

i love playing shows in old theaters.

professional stuff right there.

venue showers. my personal way of preventing myself from becoming a snotty spoiled little lady and keeping the diva in check. #showerwithyourshoeson

Pretty ceiling at the venue.

I couldnt get any farther away to take a better pic without standing in the road...

Saturday, September 14
CottonStock/ Revolution Music Festival
Monroe, Louisiana

Racing around the track. Going the wrong direction, I didnt realize until I showed boy the video and he pointed it out.
I love waking up and seeing stuff like this out the front window of the bus.
Woke up and walked to the front lounge of the bus. Saw this out the front window. Trying to challenge the band boys to a foot race around the track. No one will accept. Also, where's the duck dynasty people? Meeting them/seeing duck commander building is my only goal today. Besides running around the track. UPDATE: Not a single one of those goals was accomplished.
Driver Rick- bus driver by choice, fashionista by birth.
I love Louisiana and I'm never leaving. #accents #swoon

This sign caused every single one of us in the van on the way to the hotel to do a double take. Your name is Jack Fluck?!

Selling merch on a race track. Nbd.
You cover a Britney Spears song but don't even know the words? Get off the stage, you're embarrassing me.


No big deal, not trying to sell merch here or anything.

I would not wait in line for ANYONE for this long, let alone some basic nobody. People be cray.

Sometimes I get so bored I have to take pictures of my boots. But i do love my boots.

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