Friday, October 4, 2013

Kentucky, I love you- But you're weird.

Wednesday, September 18
Maiden Alley Cinema
Paducah, Kentucky

I love pumpkin anything and everything.

Solo acoustic show at an old theater after they showed the Other Life movie. Pretty cool.
It's my 1st show since I got a real life boyfriend & not one person has used the "where's your bf tonight" line. It's just like turning 21 and no one asking for my id

So after the show we went to a "private afterparty" at Paducah's hottest club (please, read that again but in the Stefon voice).

Not just Paducah's. Not just Kentucky's. AMERICA'S Strip Joint.
I have to pee but I'm scared of the potential rapage.

I'm pretend famous by association, reserved table at the hottest club in Paducah (which is an oxymoron, btw)
From this moment forward I will only answer to "kaos" so please take note.

It's like redneck sons of anarchy

The treated us like royalty. Which was cool except only 2 of the four of us were even drinking.

Brother Misty and I. Try to look cooler in a hat, I dare you.

Andddddd more.

My boss is a jerk.

Friday, September 27
Bloomington, Indiana

Its so weird for me to be at a truck stop in Horse Cave on a bus. Like this is real close to home and I'm here on a bus. Crazy.
I'm leaving boy for two days this time. Really just one full day. And there are tears. Old Kelli would kick this new Kelli's butt, twice,

Bus driver Rick is back and he is shirtless. His shorts aren't neon though, so I'm disappointed. Oh, Home sweet bus.

Yep. That's a cassette tape. But them, a VHS and vinyl and go home and think about how hipster and cool you are.

Just saw the most wonderfully applied eyeliner ever...on a guy. Homeboy had skills

I like merch friends who give me cookies and diet coke.

This is my view for Friday night. Yay.

Shooter Jennings and the GFY's.

Saturday, September 28
Coal Country Offroad Festival
Pineville, Kentucky

My bunk on this bus makes a terrible squeaky sound as we drive down the road that sounds alternately like an angry squirrel and squeezing an empty plastic water bottle. It's making me think we're about to have a triple level Step Brothers moment. Good thing mine is the top bunk.

Shirtless Rick, doing man work, shirtless of course.

Stagehands for the day. God bless eastern Kentucky.

It was beautiful.

I love people who bring me food at my merch table.

It's 10:04 somewhere. And by somewhere I mean the front lounge. Because it's always 10:04.

We know people.

Seahorses forever. (Google "Drinking out of cups. Thank me later.)

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