Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Beginning of the End

Wednesday, October 2
Travel Day
Columbia, Missouri
Two months ago I could jump on a bus and go out on the road for weeks or a month at a time and only care about when it'd be time to go out for the next shows. Now, the thought of leaving for five days is about to kill me.....My tough gypsy heart has gone and got all mushy
Another reason I love Sound Check: After I pee on the guitar toilet, I can swoon on the fainting couch.
One of the ten best burgers in America. It ain't no Dovies, but it's still pretty tasty. — at Booches Billiard Hall.
I was one happy fat kid.
Thanks for the clarification
Thursday, October 3
Bourbon Theatre
Lincoln, Nebraska

I'm thoroughly convinced that pumpkin spice coffee comes straight from heaven.

If bus driver shirtless Rick doesn't stop using the word tornado like its nbd I'm going to pee on myself. Tornado plus bus equals not cool.

Came to the bourbon theater and drank not a single bourbon. My Kentucky ancestors would be ashamed.

Yet another solo dinner behind the merch table.
If we keep doing shows with Rev Payton I'm gonna get reallll fat.


As if I didnt miss boy enough already....

Snapchatting Picture of Class.

If that ain't rapey, I don't know what is.

Can't even pretend like i like it.

Hey Brother, I stole your hoodie while you were sleeping.


Take 2.

Friday, October 4
Bluebird Theater
Denver, Colorado

I may freeze to death.

It's got feta cheese. Pronounced fay-ta, like beta. Look it up.

This was the biggest pizza I've ever had a part in eating. It was AMAZING.

Aunt Jemima the talking pizza.

Annoying Scotty as he got tatted across the street.

Nice people are my favorite. Thanks nice security guy at the bar!

Hoodies...they make great blankets, too.
I think I might have just accidentally gotten a girlfriend #switchedteamsinthenight. Proof that I will flirt with anyone to sell this merch.
Denver, you're weird and I like you. But if it's gonna be this cold I had better see some snow.

Remember that time the bus almost got taken out by a crazy wreck right in front of the venue? Good times.

Everyone here is too drunk too function and the air is basically one big cloud of weed smoke.

Back lounge show for one. One of the most fun times we had. I sure do love these boys.

That night I got to be the dj and we listened to my favoritest stuff in the world: Alice in Chains Unplugged. And it was amazing. 

Saturday, October 5
Kansas City, Missouri

Quick, somebody take my senior pictures.

The words "too close for comfort" came to mind....

Screw it, I'll take my own picture. Hashtag watermelon festival shirt.

Can't believe this is almost over. It's been the craziest year of my, and probably the best. In one week I'm gonna be "normal" again.

Sitting outside painting my fingernails at another bar in another city. Some of my most favorite times.

So pretty. It got real murdery at night, but was so pretty during the day.

I. Love. Random. Bathrooms.

The elderly of Kansas City are out and wilder than hell tonight.

George Jones, quit looking at me.

Freezing my fingers off at another bar in another city on another Saturday night. Im gonna miss this so, so much.

"I've got a prison cat that's been stealin the covers" Say what?  #overheard #merchgirlprobs

White people dancing. Oh yeah. Get it.

Random screwdriver laying in the floor? Ok then.

Sharpie tattoos. It's what all the cool kids are doing. Or were doing that night. Then the next morning this cool kid used six makeup remover wipes to scrub it off before madre saw.

"I have good days and I have great days"-- One of my new favorite quotes. Thanks for that, Jamie. I know you won't read this, but it was so great to get to know you.

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