Friday, July 20, 2012

i don't know where i'm going from here, but i promise it won't be boring.

It makes me so excited to see that so many of my college friends are blogging now. I love being able to catch up on all my friends' lives through more than a Facebook status. I just can't help but feel incredibly behind in life, though, when they are posting about their babies and husbands, new homes and their otherwise "grown-up" adventures.  It's weird being around the same age but in COMPLETELY different places in life. They're making big steps, like moving across the country with their loves or planning their dream weddings; while for me it was a huge step in my life just changing the way someone's name appeared in my phone contacts the other day (jason, lisa, and carrie ann can attest to this, and also to the fact that i'm ridiculous, though that part should come as a surprise to no one). 

So, if you are a reader of burning bright, then thanks! I know it's much less exciting to read about my favorite songs or my extreme indecision in when/where/what i'm going to do next with my life, but my hope is that by reading my blog you can find some new music you enjoy, or maybe just get a few laughs out of my ludicrous misadventures on my way to avoiding growing up for as long as possible. 


In a sort of Blogger-version of Follow Friday, here are some of my favorite blogs of my grown-up friends who publish amazing posts that make me so envious of their fun, big girl lives.    



Emily W.



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