Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ramble On: Emphatic

Music today is in a sad state (a novel thought, I know). Rock music is especially awful. The majority of the new stuff out now is painfully unoriginal, uninspired and just plain boring.  I've had to expand my musical tastes to incorporate more of the trendy, weird, hipster stuff because just I can't find new modern rock songs that satisfy me. I crave something that's heavy without being all super intense, scream-at-everyone-you-hate-because-kids-were-mean-to-you-in-high-school, daddy issue fueled crap death metal. What makes my little rocker chick heart happy is to hear a band play hard, booming music with actual guitars, bass, and drums. And if said band has a singer with enough talent to make it not painful to listen to them perform original, well-written songs with lyrics that don't make me want to hit them in the face with one of my hoochie shoes, then it's basically a Christmas miracle. Well, maybe not a Jesus-level phenomenon, but it's up there.   

That's why I get really excited when I find something new that draws me in and makes me listen to it on repeat, turned up as loud as the Altima's speakers will allow. Emphatic's album, Damages, gave me that feeling. The music feels real, the lyrics genuine, the vibe just right to fill the missing spaces that the today's rock radio is lacking, even if it's just one song at a time.  

Emphatic--Put Down the Drink

One of the best songs from the album is "Put Down the Drink." I especially love this live acoustic version. I'm a huge sucker for songs that lend themselves well to acoustic performances, and this song really works with just the guitars and vocals (and i do love the vocals--that voice, so gritty, dirty & manly-- seriously, whoa).

Emphatic-- Mental Health (Quite Riot Cover)

I just happened upon Emphatic's cover of Quit Riot's "Mental Health" and it's really what won me over as a new fan of them. Another little band I used to know did an awesome cover of this song and made me fall in love with it years ago, but this version might just be my favorite of them all. It's a solid cover, with a perfect blend of the original song and the personality and modern flair of Emphatic. 

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