Friday, July 20, 2012

this can't be normal.

my music mood is annoying me today. for some reason, the songs i keep listening to are all mellow and mushy, and quite honestly, it's freaking me out. so this is going to be a double post: part 1 will be the music i am actually playing at my desk as i work my last full friday at the only real, semi-permanent job i've ever had (i'm not freaking out, i'm not freaking out). part 2 will be the music that i'm going to have to listen to later to make myself feel like less of a silly girl, cause "ain't nobody got time for that."

part 1: i just threw up in my mouth a little.

Let It Be Me-- Ray LaMontagne


I love this song. I don't wanna love it, especially for the reasons that i do, but I love it. It in no way aids my "Almost Famous" Penny Lane "never get hurt" mindset that I work so hard to achieve. And I know, my life is in no way similar to Penny Lane's. Instead of groupie-ing it up, I'm working on spread sheets the size of China with more confusing numbers to sort than there are Chinese children, while intermittently leading prospective students on swimming tours of campus because it is that humid here. But that's not the point. The point is that "Let it be Me" is an amazingly good song, and that is enough to justify my liking of it. So there. Please don't judge me..ok, go ahead, i'm even judging myself.

To Make You Feel My Love-- Garth Brooks

Preface (and if any song I've ever posted on here deserves a preface, it's this one):
I just added a ton of old cds into my itunes, solely for the purpose of putting them on my Wednesday night/Thursday morning playlist, to be listened to in either the drive-thru of Mcdonalds (if Dayna is in Lex) or Taco Bell (if Dayna is not in Lex-- i hope you read this and laugh, Dayna!!). One of those cds happened to be the Hope Floats soundtrack (which I own because...??) and this song is on it. So, last Sunday as I was driving back up here, the Trisha Yearwood version started playing on the iphone. And in true "If you give a mouse a cookie" style, I then had to listen to the Garth version.

Jump forward to today: I had forgotten about the sappy 30 minute part of my drive that consisted only of alternating the Trisha and Garth versions of the song and trying to decide which one I liked best (Garth won, btw) until the Adele version started playing on my Pandora.

It's a beautiful song, if you have any remnant of a heart, you have to admit that. I decided that if and/or when I give in and also use my tricky ways to talk some boy into it, and i get married, I want this song sang at my wedding. It just so happens that I'm lucky enough to work with the song bird of our generation, and he graciously agreed to sing it at my wedding, even though he, I,  and everyone else in attendance will be wheelchair bound and at least 95 years old. But, as long as Jason is still lucid enough to remember the lyrics and no one decides to die in the middle of the song, it'll be awesome. (If you're reading this, you're invited to. It'll be held at whatever nursing home I end up in, in the fall of, let's say 2050. Groom: unknown, but that part's not important. You can send gifts now, if you'd like. I'd really love a kitchen aid mixer and a dyson vacuum, fyi.)  

part 2: be my little rock and roll queen


Now, to redeem myself (as much as that is possible). This Fuel song is so different from almost all of their others, and it is perfect to turn up really loud and roll the windows of the car down, and just drive around and listen to as you forget about everything else, except driving, hopefully, because that would not be safe.   

 Dope Show-- Marilyn Manson

Yes, I know- It's Marilyn Manson. Yes, he's incredibly strange, as is this entire video. And yes, some of his songs are too weird and crazy for even me to like. But this song is not one of them. This lyrics, yeah, they're kind of a lot. But if you take them with a grain of salt, and just try to enjoy the song for what it is, I promise you'll like it. Ok, maybe not, but just try, seriously! This is my favorite Manson song, and actually one of my favorite songs in general. Play it in your car. Turn it up really, really loud. If it's not coming a monsoon or hurricane, roll down your windows. Now drive, and just listen. It's almost exhilarating. Seriously. Just try it once (I feel like I'm trying to peer-pressure you into trying drugs. Oh, how far I've gone from Garth Brooks in such a short amount of words....)     

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  1. Girl, you rock this music, "thang"! I love Ray LaMontange! He has his own station on my Pandora when I am in that "blue-sy" mood.