Monday, June 3, 2013

All My Worlds Colliding

Friday, May 31
Whiskey Barrel
Richmond, Kentucky 

I got the chance to work with my Fifth on the Floor boys again a few weeks ago. It's always an adventure when I'm with them, and this was no exception. Let's just say this venue and the crowd that showed up were interesting. (That's the nice way of saying it...)

Anytime you have dancing granny's with mullets, you know it's going to be a good night. When she takes her shows off and starts dancing around a pole, it's at a whole new level. 

As if dancing granny wasn't enough, then balloon lady came in. Dancing with her ballon that said she was "fabulous"-- as if we didnt already know from her sweet balloon dancing moves. Oh Kentucky, I love you. 

Derek from The Roosters Crow came and sang "The Fall" with Fifth and it was awesome, as always. 

Saturday, June 1
The Whiskey Barrel
Richmond, Kentucky 

We were back for another fabulous night at the Whiskey Barrel on Saturday. It was, again, a night of redneckery and fun. 

The best part of the night, though, was the impromptu photo shoot that we had after the bar closed. 

These boys. I love them. I'm not sure why, but I do ❤

If you only knew the difficulty we had in making this picture happen. 

Like seriously. This one was "in the process" and obviously I was terrified that I was about to be dropped. 

Sunday, June 2
The Spillway
Bowling Green, Kentucky

On Sunday I went to Bowling Green to work for both Fifth on the Floor and Shooter. It was strange for me to be with my Fifth boys and with some of the Shooter crew AND be in BG with people I knew from Chasing Layne days and high school.  But weird in a cool way. 

Blake Judd. Love him. 
Fifth on the Floor 


Shooter and Fifth. They put on an amazing show. 

Such a good weekend with so many good friends. Life is good. I'm one lucky girl.  

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