Thursday, August 30, 2012

You may have to be drunk to follow this one

Brace yourself- this isn't going to be coherent. But if you've read any of my other posts then you should already know that this is not the place to come for coherency. My excuse for today: It's thursday. If you need to know what that means then you already do.

So here's my life today: I almost just passed out in the bathroom, partially due the extreme upside-down hair flip I just did that got a little outta control, and partially due to the shock I got from realizing that someone was laying on the couch (yes, we have a couch in the bathroom-- we're very accommodating like that) and saw me almost knock myself out while doing the extreme upside-down hair flip. Try playing that one off like you meant to almost fall into the mirror headfirst. Damn near impossible. Though I guess a person laying on a couch in a bathroom is really not a person who's judgement I should be too terribly concerned about.   

 Ok, now to music, the point of this whole rambling mess:.

Three Days Grace-- Lost in You

I'm not sure why I'm so drawn to this song today. I just can't quit listening to it after I rediscovered it. I'm in no way in a sappy, lovey mood at all. Though this lost phone that my favorite PPD guy* turned into the office that keeps getting precious messages from "I Love You Baby;)!" is about to make my heart all warm and fluttery. Just kidding. Add that to my list of things I've lied about in the last 24 hours, right behind "this leftover zaxby's salad is really tasty, just as tasty as it was last night" and "i'm not getting too crazy tonight because I have to work tomorrow."
*You may be thinking, "How does one become your favorite PPD guy?" Answer: You  WD40 my office door and save me from going insane from the constant squeaking. The three additional times you came to wd40 it up again were likely not necessary, but whatev. I appreciate your dedication. (And speak of the devil, as I was writing that Mr. PPD came into the office again to get candy from the candy bucket and check on the found lost phone. I think we just became best friends. Next time I might even share some of my secret snickers candy stash with you.)

I think that's all the internet can handle of me today....

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