Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm an artist

...a third grade copy cat artist, that is.

I do not claim to have any artistic talent. But when I get stressed and need a release or a distraction (or usually both) I like to try and paint.  And apparently I like to paint trees.  These are both pictures that I found and liked and tried to attempt. Both took little to no skills, so you crafty people that read my blog should try and recreate them yourselves! If you're having a rough day, I promise it'll make you feel better to turn on some music, get all covered in paint, and just lose yourself in painting happy little trees :) 

My first tree. I had this on my wall...until I became homeless and thus wall-less.

My second tree canvas. This one is on Carrie's wall. I'm pretty proud of it!

My painting soundtrack was all about Stone Temple Pilots and Sundy Best. Blog coming soon on the Sundy Best songs, but here's a few of the STP songs I was loving as I painted:

Stone Temple Pilots-- Plush

Stone Temple Pilots-- Creep

Stone Temple Pilots-- Sour Girl

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