Friday, September 28, 2012

Soundtrack for the day after Cinco de Turkey

I'm finding that my blogs are getting more and more incoherent as time goes on. Pretty fitting, as my life is doing the same. 

Here is my life today:

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Someone just walked into my office and tried to give me an entire cake. I'm impressed by my willpower to turn it down instead of sticking my face in it. Because really, that's what I wanted to do. And still do now. Ok, now I'm really regretting this decision...

(See what I'm saying about incoherent?) 

Music. Blog about music. Here, songs:

The Verve-- Appalachian Springs

I got to work early (shocker, I know) and was Pinteresting, which led to the giraffe pic, which led to Tumblring, which led to the song above. I've not really ever listened to much Verve aside from "Bittersweet Symphony" but I really like this song. 

Matt Corby-- Souls A'fire


I had never heard of Matt Corby til today when I found one of his videos on the same Tumblr page that I found the Verve song on. I may be in love with him and his long haired, bearded Australian self.  I've been listening to his other songs, and though it's not really my usual type of music, I'm really liking it today.

Soundgarden-- Been Away Too Long


I heard the new Soundgarden song on the radio this morning and it made me really excited. I'm not completely in love with this song, but it's new and it's Soundgarden, so I'll take it until I can get the rest of the new album.

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