Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Look at it this way- You could live in Cambodia"

I may have shared this song before, but as people* are actually reading my blog now (though I have still yet to figure out why), I thought I'd feature it again. 

Seether-- Fine Again (From One Cold Night)

*I'm unsure of who these "people" are, they may just be creepy stalkery murderers who read my blogs in hopes of gathering enough intel about me so that they can track me down and then wear my skin as a jacket, but, hey, who am I to judge. A page view is a page view and page views sure do make me happy. Also, I realize that went to a very dark place, but I watched "Requiem for a Dream" last night and am still slightly traumatized. One thing's for sure though- I'm never doing hard core drugs. If the movie version of that reminder wasn't enough, the real life version of an addict that I got to deal with post-movie easily pushed me over the edge. And just when I was about to begin a crippling cocaine addiction- shew, that was a close one.   

 If you're a Seether fan (or just a fan of good music in general) then you must check out One Cold Night. It's an acoustic performance that the band did back in 2006 that features some of their best songs, as well as a great Pearl Jam cover. The awesome quality of the show with the additional flair that comes from their live acoustic versions of the songs make it one of my favorite albums. Definitely worth buy, especially since it comes with the cd and a dvd of the performance as well. And it's never a bad thing to get to stare for a while at Shaun Morgan and his guitar. (Is it strange that he's at the very top of my rockstars I'd love to be best friends with and eventually trick into marrying list? Because he totally is. Shaun, if you're reading this like I'm so sure you are, call me, no 'maybe' about it. And please don't hate me for the "Call Me Maybe" reference. I totally don't know all the words to that song.)    
"Fine Again" is a staple on my sad day playlist. It's always the last song, put there purposely to serve as the kick in the ass to get me out of the "my life is terrible, I hate everyone and they hate me back, I'm going to be alone forever and my poor little heart is broken because I need too much and can't just be complacent and even worse I can't even get started on my life as a lonely crazy cat lady because I don't have my own apartment to fill with cats" phase and into the "seriously, you've let yourself cry for at least an hour listening to this ridiculous music that's only making you cry more and now it's time to pick yourself up off the floor and move on" phase. 

Rhetorical Question
My exact feelings about not just this day but this entire week. Apparently breaking a mirror really is serious business.
The sad day playlist had been getting quite a few spins the last few days; they'd been some of the worst I've had in a while. Then last night happened, and I wanted to kick myself in the face for thinking it couldn't get worse. Because it did, in fact get terribly, terribly worse.  (And what's most unfortunate is that I wasted a lazy, yoga pants day yesterday when a makeup-less, homeless-haired, ugly day today would have been much better used today. Ok, that's actually far from the most unfortunate part, but if I don't pretend that my life is as manageable as the pants I'm wearing, then I'm really going to lose it. And ain't nobody got time for that.

But, playing "Fine Again" on repeat and looking at my "LOLing all over the floor" Pinterest Board made me feel a little better today. Take a peek at it if you need a reason to smile. It worked for me. (I'd also like to share with you my "because one day, i will be a crazy cat lady" board as well because it's also quite amusing, , but that would require me admitting that I have an entire Pinterest board full of nothing but pictures of cats and cat related things. And that would clearly make me a loser, which I am not. I mean, really, I'm pretty sure I'm the exact opposite of a loser, sitting here blogging (non-loser quality number 1) about how no good/very bad/terrible/horrible my life is (non-loser quality number 2) while lying about my obsession of looking at funny pictures of felines (non-loser quality 3, and 4, simply because I used the word "feline"). 

Things will eventually be fine again, no matter how they turn out. I must resist my urge to just lay down and die (because Megan said so, thanks again Best Bia) and just hope that the decisions I make are the right ones. And if not, I'll just try and remember this quote from Jason's dad that he shared at work with us today: "Look at it this way- you could live in Cambodia." Amen, Eddie. Amen.

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  1. I love your blog. I love your humor. If I could afford it, I would just travel the world, with Delaney, ya know? You are more than welcome to come, even though Cambodia is not first on my list. Speaking of Cambodia, there are some Cambodian's that run an awesome doughnut place in Campbellsville. It is almost as good, if not better than Dough Daddy's. As I went there for breakfast this morning, on my way to class, I bought a dozen "holes". While my big butt enjoyed them, I happened to wonder did the super-cute-and-skinny Cambodian cashier lady, eat these doughnuts? Will I lose weight if I eat her special doughnuts? Probably not, so maybe we should just go visit Cambodia to learn all about their culture and why they are so skinny. :) I hope you didn't mind my randomness. :)