Monday, September 10, 2012

Ramble On- September 10: Sundy Best- "Lily"

"i've never been one for cigarette smoke, but my nerves are shot, I need an antidote"
Sundy Best--Lily

I love when a song finds me. 

It's great when I go on the search for new music and find something I really like that haven't heard before, or when someone recommends a song to me that they like and then I like it too. There is something different, though, about listening to a song I've heard a few times before, but for some reason- be it the mood I'm in, the situation in my life, or whatever else- the song takes on a whole new meaning and it is exactly what I need at that moment and it fits so perfectly. 

Since yesterday, that song for me has been "Lily" by Sundy Best. I was searching my iTunes library and my Spotify playlists, trying to find something I that matched my mood, and as soon as I found it I knew it was what I had been looking for. I played it on repeat probably 100 times as I was pretending to be an artist and thoroughly annoyed the roommate with it. I just kept clicking and listening one more time, just one more time, and thinking then I'd be ready to move on to the next song. But I knew that was a lie, yesterday and today, and I'd play it a few more times.  And a few times more after that. Now, I'm still listening to it on repeat.
(Here's a live version of the song- the quality isn't the best, but seeing the band's setup makes it even better, I think.)

"i've tossed and i've turned, i've broken down but i've learned"

I absolutely love Sundy Best. I love that they're doing something different, and that they're really, really good at it. When I've ran into them at an establishment that i've been known to frequent, they have been super nice, which I love even more. I've wanted to blog about them for a long time, but it hadn't been right until "Lily" took hold of me. 

 If you're in Lexington or close by, go see Sundy Best play at Redmond's on Thursday or Saturday nights. It's always a fun time, and you're guaranteed to hear some good music and see a great live show. At the very least check out the rest of their album, Door Without a Screen. It's on iTunes if you want to buy it, and Spotify if you want to stream it first. (My suggestion- just go ahead and buy it. If you stream it you'll just fall in love and then have to buy it anyway.) 


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