Thursday, March 7, 2013

Making the Video: January in Louisiana

I was super lucky enough to be asked to help with Blake Judd/Judd Films & Fifth on the Floor's video shoot for the first single off their new album (Ashes & Angels, available nationally NEXT WEEK March 12!). The "January in Louisiana" video is set in a jail, and we had a perfect location in the old Jessamine County Jail. It was dusty, decrepit and quite frankly, creepy as hell but provided the perfect vibe for the song.      

I took a few pictures of the shoot while I wasn't busy production assistanting (which really just consisted of trip to pick up Taco Bell and one of the actors. I was a terrible assistant, actually. But completely available if anyone else is interested in hiring me!). I was mesmerized by the whole process, which was so professional and so legit. I felt like I was on the set of a real life, famous band's shoot ---and I guess I was. Fifth is kind of a big deal. And they have a badass merch girl. Or so I've heard.

I only took pictures of a couple of scenes when I wasn't too busy being all fangirl. Most are from the first scene that they shot, but there are also a few from the rest of the 12-hour day. (See, I'm a very hard worker, you know you want to hire me to be your merch girl, assistant, nanny, dog walker, child walker, etc. Mama Kelli is broke, y'all.)

The end of the video is going to be breathtaking, just absolutely mind blowing, so I purposely didn't take any pictures of it, as not to leak any spoilers. But even if I had wanted to take pictures, I don't think I could have. I was too busy sitting outside the cell, peeking through the bars with their peeling old paint, with my hand covering my mouth, cold chills covering my arms, eyes on the verge of tears. It was that awesome. 

The "January in Louisiana" video is going to be ahh-mazing. As soon as it is out you know I will post it here to share with you! Until then, here is the song (if you like it, it's available now on iTunes! I think I deserve a raise for all this promo....). Listen as you check out the pictures from the set.


Not gonna lie, I loved getting to sit by Blake and watch what was being filmed bu Cory on the monitor. Other than losing the feeling in my toes in the icy jail. But who really needs toes.

Justin Wells. Professional Cameraman. Or cameraman you need when the professional isn't quite giant tall.
Original old jail registry

Last scene of the night. It was freezing outside, but I didn't want to miss a thing. Or be alone inside that surely haunted jail

Old friends and new friends, all amazingly talented people.

And after the video shoot. Celebrating a sucessful day.


Can't keep a diva off the stage.

Thanks again for showing me how to do this, Blake!!

We will stay in your establishment until we drink all your booze and annoy all your employees. Sorry, not sorry.

Steal hats, take pictures.

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