Saturday, March 2, 2013

tour blog 12

Friday, February 22
Old 33 Inn
Wapakoneta, Ohio

I'm not sure why I become a selfie taking monster when I get into my seat in the van. Also, I love mascara and pink lipstick and wearing white in the winter time.

Well thank goodness. I was worried that we came all this way for nothing.

Tell me this looks impressive. Because I spent a crap ton of time getting it reorganized after the disaster I left it in following the cd release party.

And then I got head-butted and confused my reflection for someone else in the bathroom mirror. But I made lots of money so it's ok!

Anddddd cue post show self portrait photo shoot at the bar.....

Best pic of the night award goes to...
Hey you, new friend, smile with me!


Someone told us that we had to eat at the diner in the TA truck stop because it was the oldest in America or something like that. I googled this and found no evidence to back it up. But they did have some damn good coffee and biscuits and gravy. 

And pics like this make me question why in the world i'm still single. A natural beauty, really.

So. Much. Coffees.

New friends (who we probably terrified, per usual)

Saturday, February 23
New Albany, Indiana 

I day drink like a girl. Gotta get in those fruits!

Touchdown Jesus!

I have never seen quite so many giraffes.

I miss my red lipstick. This lipstick is more hot pink what your drunk grandma wears to bingo lipstick. Imma keep wearing it, but still.

Found this in the van. Mine now!

Louisville. That's the same as New Albany, right? Close enough. Drink more now.

Giant Jenga? Game on.

And then I lost giant Jenga once. And then I lost again. Moral of the story? I suck at giant Jenga and should not play any game where the loser has to buy drinks, as I am always the loser. 

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