Friday, March 8, 2013

Ramble On--March 8

A wonderful recommendation that I'm too stubborn to admit I'm appreciative of.

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown--Being Here

"You rescue me from the place I disappear"

Good music can rescue you from anywhere. And it is always there, waiting to pick you up when, "like a leaky faucet", things get bad and keep getting worse.

Find the song, the one you need. Play it on repeat so many times that you begin to anticipate every beat of the drum and strum of the guitar. So many times that you feel the words before they are even sung. Maybe cry, maybe hold it in until you're better suited to handle it.

Close your eyes, and just know that the song is there. There to wrap you up and sing you to sleep tonight, and the next night, and the next. It's always there, as long as you need it. And one day you won't anymore. And you can push it back out of your way. You may never need it again. But just in case you do, it's still here to rescue you from the place you disappear.

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