Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Music Tuesday Part 1- Mona

This is a really exciting new music Tuesday for me! Two of my very favorite bands released new stuff that I can't wait to share.

Mona is a band that I honestly loved from the first time my ears ever heard them. They were making music that was different, vibrant, alive, moving and real. Mona has a Kings of Leon-ish feel, but with a much more upbeat, fun side to it. They rock, but not in the way that all this current over-produced radio bands rock. There is an element of passion that's just inescapable on their first self titled album (which I can say with little doubt was my favorite album I discovered in 2012).

So when I saw on Twitter last night that they had released the first new single from their upcoming album, I was ecstatic. I bought it immediately, without even previewing it. I was so hungry for new Mona that I didn't care if it was garbage. Luckily for me and my $1.29, it's not garbage at all.

"Goons (Baby, I Need it All)" is different from old Mona, not quite as epic and mind-blowing, but still a great song that is just so different from everything else out right now. I highly recommend you get it, as well as their first album. And most definitely check out their live show-- I go to a lot of shows, but I can easily say the two times I have seen Mona have been two of the best rock shows I have been to. They are really that good.

The song is streaming now on Spinner.com http://idj.to/12LYYvy or you can get it on iTunes. Go ahead. Just buy it. You won't regret it.

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