Thursday, November 8, 2012

tour blog: days 4,5,6

Day 4: Day Off in Des Moines
October 29 


At a place called University Library. That's an old library card catalog- Very cool.  

Dayna got me the best gifts ever with awesome notes on each on. They were all so appreciated :)

Coloring time! I am such a child.

Day 5:  October 30 
The 503
Iowa Falls, Iowa

Pizza, fried chicken, and chili. Whatever works.

This little lady was posted up at Shenanigans in Ackley, Iowa, drinking a beer at 4pm on a Tuesday. Wearing a cat sweater. She is future me. 

My view from the back of the van when we got to the 503

Luke Fox. This kid is great.

Hellbound Glory

Holey jeans, boots, and flannel. Say hello to country band merch girl Kelli

Day 6:  October 31
Sandy Hook Tavern
Hazel Green, Wisconsin

Y'all, I'm as happy as I've been in months. I love this.-

Saw this terrifying thing at a pawn shop in Iowa Falls. "If you like gargoyles there are two more outside."  I love people, the crazier the better.  

Crossing the Mississippi into Wisconsin

Shooting fireworks from pumpkins. I love Wisconsin.

Actual view from my merch table

My Halloween costume: Fifth on the Floor's merch girl. Way better than last years bumblebee.- October 31 near Kieler, WI via mobile

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