Monday, November 19, 2012

tour blog, round 2

I went out again with Fifth on the Floor for a short little run last weekend and had an awesome time even though I was fairly certain that I was going to die from a terrible cold that just won't go away. Basically the entire band was sick, too, so we had a cacophony of nose blowing, sneezing and coughing as the soundtrack to our longggg van rides across Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

November 15
Roanoke, Virginia
Martin's Downtown
Literally the best tour bag ever. So many pockets! Thank you, Lisa!
"Virginia bound, if the plague doesn't kill me first "
I have become a professional at putting on my hoface in the back of the van. It's a talent, really.

Pretty mountains in West Virginia

Very large fake bear, right after we saw a real live bear crossing the interstate.
Just saw a sign that said "Speed limit enforced by aircraft" Virginia ain't messing around.

I'm back! And I even had a table cloth. Fancy y'all.

"It's hard to feel attractive with a Kleenex attached to your nose. Please buy shirts from me still. They're germ free."

"Snowboarders from Virginia. I like that shit. Tell me your job is better than mine. Just try."

"Sharing drugs with the band. And by drugs I mean mucinex. Rock n' roll y'all."

Only the fanciest hotels will do for me, please.

November 16
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Black Cat Lounge

"If I make it through this tour without this cold killing me it'll be a miracle. I can only hear when I tilt my head to the right. Awesome."

Turns out I have a fear of free range pigs. I am a fan of having my own room on the road though, so it (known as Harley) was overlooked.

November 17 

Charlotte,  North Carolina
The Thirsty Beaver

I was super skeptical about this place. I looked at the Facebook page when I first learned we were going there, and my expectations were low. It looked like a tiny, sketchy hole in the wall. And when we got there, my predictions were correct. But even though it was tiny and sketchy it was AMAZING. It seems that these smaller venues are always the best- the people that go there are like a big family, and they are always so kind and willing to accept us as part of that family. 

Any establishment ballsy enough to paint a large beaver on the side gets a thumbs up from me.

Charlotte. Such a pretty city.

 "Highlight of every show night: when the band introduces me to the crowd.
So many people!

Drunk boys. They're fun times for sure. 

Sometimes I sell from a chair. Sometimes I sell on a pool table, chatting with amazingly interesting old men, trying to decide if it's worth pursuing the position of 4th wife.

"I will marry an old man and be at least a second wife


Church ladies are judging me at the Bojangles as I eat fries with my biscuits and gravy. It's ok. I'm judging myself.

Healthy, balanced brunch.

A demon dog ate my contacts. Awesome.

Cotton fields

Backseat. Windows up. That's the way...wait, no- wrong genre of music.

Mountains and  leaves everywhere


My view from the back
I am one lucky girl to have the chance to travel around with a great band that is gaining such a following. Hearing live music every night at cool venues in different cities across the country is the best description of living the dream I could ever imagine. It's pretty timely that I say I've very thankful for this crazy life I'm living right now. If I live through this plague I can't wait to go out with the guys again.


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