Thursday, November 8, 2012

tour blog: days 7,8

Day 7: November 1
Old 36 Inn
Riverton, Illinois

These Midwestern restaurants have the weirdest food combos. Tacos and tater tots? Diet coke for me, please.--

I've officially been in three different states today and its only 330.-- 3:31 PM - 1 Nov 12

I'm not doing the whole 30 days of thankful business, but if I was today I'd be thankful for bourbon and "Soulshine" -

Obviously my new favorite shirt. I shall wear it everyday. Thanks, Rico.

"I'm smart enough to let you think I'm dumb" - Hellbound Glory  - 12:44 AM - 1 Nov 12

Product placement.

Day 8: November 2
Shark City
Glendale, Illinois

Girl bartenders love me. I do not understand this, but I will not object to free.


"Like, 'be a tractor'."

Last False Hope. Punkish, metalish, bluegrassish, okish.

Drunk white people: world's best dancers. At least in their own minds.

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